People and Polaroid of Pastel Party!

What : Cindy, Peggy, Susan and Vvens’ 22nd Birthday Celebration!
When : 02 November 2010
Where : Poco Cafe & Atelier [at] Bangsar

I know it has been almost a week and what really took me so long to update about my birthday party was the photo choosing and editing! Hahahaha. There are loads of pictures taken and I can only share a part of them here :) I really enjoyed myself with the other birthday girls and the special 30 guest. Tho Peggy’s birthday didn’t exactly fall on 2 November, we all had fun and it was really nice to have friends to celebrate the birthday together.

Pictures spamming with stories will start here as usual. So, beware!! There are loads of pictures!!!

#01 This is where the birthday party took place in, Poco Cafe & Atelier. It is one small creative and cozy cafe to gather in with a bunch of fun friends. The whole cafe was booked by us for a private party. Ahh that is what I loved most, no disturbance from the others. The place is just cool enough to fit in my special 30! Also, the place is a little hard to be located but the effort was all paid by the food and friendly services provided by the people in Poco. You can check out their cafe here!

#02 The birthday girls – Peggy, Susan, yours truly and Cindy (from left – right)! And did you know it is such a sweet luck to share same birth date with your best friends <3 <3

#03 Like said, because the venue was a little small, therefore I could only invite 30 people and these 30 people are the closest friends among :) There are a few more who couldn’t make it tho. These 30 people made the whole party warm, sweet and fun! <3 Love ’em all.

#04 My zhi mui clan! Sorry that I didn’t have much time with you girls. I was literally everywhere during the dinner.

#05 The fishball clan –  Ginny, Vvens, Hsin Ye, Susan and Natalie! Hahaha. I’m really tied up in so many groups. The others are like the babi girls, emo organisation, karaoke & mahjong kakis! Hahahaha.

#06 Natalie and Ian.

#07 Ginny, Ju Koon and I.

#08 Yi Kye, Victor, Mia, Ian and Aaron.

#09 Ha! I will never forget about preparing props for photos during the birthday parties! Last year I had wigs, neon light sticks, disco balls and etc. This year I made gigantic reusable polaroid and Cindy made candies with wishes! :) This is one of my favourite pictures taken during the night.

#10 The only decent solo picture I took the entire night. It is now my Facebook profile picture! I like the curl I had that night. Can I have it permanently please? :)

#11 I just realised I numbered the pictures wrongly.. Gosh. Nvm, forget about it. Hahaha. #12 Natalie ber-camwhore.

#12 Emo boy, “Take my picture and post it on Facebook!” Gotcha!!!

#14 This is what happened when the expensive and tiny polaroid went out of stock, use the big and free one! Hahahaha.

#15 Polaroid is love!!!!! These are very memorable polaroids taken with my Mayo polaroid camera. I love polaroid and of course, the cartoon films!!! I got the cartoon films from Serendipity FB store here! Go check the site out if you a polaroid lover.

I have almost all the available designs now; ranging from plain to coloured ones, Lilo & Stitch, Hello Kitty, Mickey & Friends, Winnie the Pooh (taken on another birthday) and Disney Princess!!!! I havent use my princess films yet because they are so precious. Moreover, I don’t know when is Cinderella popping out, so yeah.. Hee :D Polaroids made me a happy girl!

#16 Very yummy pastel coloured cuppacake from Wondermilk. I love them!

#17 Besides that, we had another Tofu cake from Poco, Green Tea cake from the sisters and a vanilla cake from Victor and Kye! :9

#18 Lighting up the candles…

#19 This is actually one awkward moment of all birthday peeps. I don’t know what to do when they sang birthday song for us, so I clapped and sang along for the other girls. Heee. Love this picture..

#20 And a birthday girls’ group picture with the balloons, cakes and candles. Another favourite picture! :D Kakakaka. The candles on Cindy and Susan’s cakes are actually prank candles. They are just impossible to be blown out; set by Peggy and I. We laughed so hard when we saw them trying to blow the fire off, so hard.

#21 A group picture with the males. Look at the very cute Paul, Victor and Kye who were playing with the giant polaroid. The guy who is holding the balloons is Gavin. Then from left to right we have Gerald, Luiz, Terry, Eric, Ian, Aaron, Ju Koon, Alvin, Victor, Kye, Paul and Weng Kee.

#22 Last but not least, a group picture with the female sweethearts. From left to right again; (back row) Dewi, Ginny, Natalie, Yong Tze, Chloe, Wan Wei, Mia, Scarlett, Iris, Pui Yeen, Weng Kee’s little sister, Phay Yan, Apple Mui, (front row) Zac, Hsin Ye, Vvens, Cindy, Peggy and Susan! <3 <3

Thank you all for attending the Pastel Party! Thank you all for the wishes and gifts! Thank you Natalie for the pictures!!! <3 <3 I will then come back blogging about the gifts I’ve got this year! <3 <3 Thank you all, we really enjoyed the whole party!

16 thoughts on “People and Polaroid of Pastel Party!

  1. Wow, ur curls looks great that night!! How sweet that you’ve a bunch of lovely friends… =]
    Anyway, wanna shout:

    Happy Belated Birthday!! Wee~ XD

  2. janice : happy belated birthday to them! it must be a damn good date! :D :D

    carmen : thanks! and nice right the curls. love it!

  3. I hope u dun mind but may i know where do u get ur helium heart shape balloons?as i’m thinking of getting them for my party too.thq :)

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