Phay Yan’s 23rd Birthday

What: Phay Yan’s 23rd Birthday Party
When: 9 July 2011
Where: Her gigantic crib @ Country Heights

It will always be the same group of people, same place, same occasion with the same kind of love during the same period of the year :) That is why I really love birthday parties; because I get to gather with the friends and have a lot of fun together.. This year during Phay Yan’s birthday, it fell on Malaysia’s Bersih Rally hence, quarter of the gang did not turn up for safety purposes. Another quarter was at the other part of the globe so yeah… It was incomplete but the love and fun was still at the same level! :D

The birthday girl’s house is known for good food and free karaoke. Hahaha those are exactly what we had from 7pm-3am at her place. Gosh. I loved the evening.

#01 We had barbecue and I think a few of us did a great job in grilling cheesy prawns. Woohoo! I was one of them. And grilled seafood tofu taste amazing too!

#02 The birthday girl on far left and the first 3 of us who reached her place – Boon Teng, yours truly and Cindy.

#03 Then the all of us! (Top) From left to right we have 2 of Phay Yan’s friends whose name I cant remember, Boon Teng, Cindy, Vvens and Wan Wei. (Bottom) From left to right again, that’s Carol, the birthday girl, Carol’s younger brother, Pui Yeen and Iris! Check out my “Saranghaeyo” pose. Lol!

#04 Hahaha we never fail to pose at the same spot of her house every this time of the year.

#05 And the jumping picture… without me.

#06 The birthday girl and her super expensive birthday cake, which I didnt get to try too.. Hahaha.

#07 We were trying to imitate the expressions of the M&M’s… and do check out what’s happening behind us at the same time too! :)

#08 Carol came out with another M&M’s cake! Gosh. It was a cheesecake, topped with the chocolates and fenced with Kit Kat’s. It must be superb sweet, I think because I did not get to try it either. ARGH. I was too busy with the karaoke and I missed the cakes! D:

#09 Birthday girl with her cakes again :)

#10 Last but not least, a decent group picture before we all went nuts in the karaoke room for the next 4 hours. We screamed out our lungs, laughed till we burst into tears.. We danced like monkeys and made really cool dance moves that we hurt ourselves too. Lol. That was how wild and crazy we went. We sang all classic songs and everything hot.

The only missing thing was….. Jay’s songs. Pffft. Of everyone and everything it was Jay’s songs. Pfft. Pfft. Phay Yan, you must have removed them because I was going to your place. Pfft. Don’t worry, I’ll forgive you because I had enough fun to cover that point up! ;p ;p

Love you girls <3

5 thoughts on “Phay Yan’s 23rd Birthday

  1. M&M’s birthday cake seems delicious! ‘d love to try one if have chance! hehe.
    I’ve always loved birthday celebrations! That’s a great event to gather all beloved friends :)

  2. nicolas : thank you! :)

    ivy : hahahaha but the cakes are really expensive..

    evelynwann : haha yes, that’s really impressive too!

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