Photoshop Magnets

The other day Chingy tweet-ed about the Photoshop Magnet she saw elsewhere and I was really fond of it, so I made myself a set of that too! I made them all by myself! Muahahaha. Ask me how!!! :D


Those movable/stick-able Photoshop panels are so cute!!!!!!!!!!! Now, what else can I do besides Photoshop? Give me some ideas :3

29 thoughts on “Photoshop Magnets

  1. dylan : damn cute right!

    kenwooi : they are actually magnets but with photoshop’s visuals on it!

    ky : i love the idea weh!

    swingy : hi! thanks for swinging by :)

    M:D : very easy! i print screen my photoshop, print them out, and stick them on magnet sheets; then laminate them :) i smart right! hahahaha.

    spectre : hahaha i made it myself.

  2. soo yee : YAWOR! :)

    M:D : i dont laminate them with the hot laminating machine. I did it by some transparent wrapper with adhesive surface :)

    kim : no la! i copy one!!!

    booppi : OOH! HAHAHA. okok.

    lynn : I bought them from Daiso :)

  3. Hi, how you laminate without using laminate machine? You wrap it with transparent wrapper ? Can you please please teach me? ><

  4. thanks again for all those compliments <3 <3

    lynn : it's a mini whiteboard :)

    aivi : I did not laminate the magnets using a laminate machine. I wrap it with an adhesive wrapper that looks just like a normal book clear wrapper :) It can be found in most of the bookstores.

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