PlearnWan Vintage Village & Sam Pan Nam Floating Market @ Hua Hin, Thailand

Here’s the second portion of my Hua Hin trip.. It took me quite some time to resume the posts because I’m now in Korea and I couldn’t find time to update my blog :( Hmmmn.. Let me keep those thought in the other posts.

Anyways, on the second day of the #thaibound trip, we went to a few places which included PlearnWan Vintage Village and Sam Pan Nam Floating Market. We started off with the vintage village which was located not too far from the hotel we lodged in (Royal Pavilion Hua Hin) as early as 10am.

According to websites, the village will open its doors at 10am but I think some failed to mention that it was only the main doors that are open. The stores will only start operating at 10.30am, except for a few ones near the entrance. So, we spent 30 minutes at the a cafe while waiting for the rest of the stores to open.

We had iced black coffee and mini toasts with condensed milk and milo powder!

After that, we headed in to the other stores as soon as the barricades were removed. There were a lot of snacks stalls, souvenir shops and also vintage games plus decorations. And.. that was about it.

There was a store that sells dated mugs. They were kinda cute but the November ones weren’t so I didn’t buy them for myself. Haha. July 3rd was the real-date of my visit.

The weather was so hot that we were constantly looking for cold drinks and popsicles. I liked their Chrysanthemums drinks in Hua Hin so much! And those 10 baht popsicles in various flavours too!

Like said, there were nothing much to be explore in the village… We spent less than an hour there and it was quite a disappointment to us. It surely looked better in blogs’ reviews. Hmmnp!

Next, we headed to Sam Pan Nam Floating Market with a taxi. This floating market is touted as the biggest man made floating market in South East Asia. Wow.. But don’t be blinded by its title :p I wouldn’t go back there for a second visit but at least I’ve been there.

Honestly, the whole floating market seemed to be built for tourist and everything found there are very much touristy too. I wouldn’t say that it’s bad but it wasn’t what I expected as it was my first trip to a floating market! And to my surprise, I don’t see any floating boats on the lake…. Nothing was floating….. T_T

Despite that, we started off with ice cream again…

Then, I spotted these eggs in rainbow colours. I thought they were some toys haha but they turned out to be century eggs which are also claimed to be different from those sold in Malaysia. Haha. Being a sucker for colourful stuff, I bought half a dozen of them even though I don’t eat them :)

Thailand has plenty of owls too. Owl dolls, garments, bags and the list goes on and on…

Yupe, the sucker for colourful stuff fell into this cotton candy trap. LOL. It was so sweet that I couldn’t even bring myself to eat them. It wasn’t exactly sweet, it was diabetic!

And these…. I guess this is the perfect trap for me to spend my money, but these food containers are to die for! They cost only 200baht for the two-tier ones. It would cost a double in Malaysia so.. I BOUGHT IT. Hahahahaha. It was a rainbow shopping-haven in this floating market. Nothing else was interesting for me. Hahahaha.

Last but not least, a picture with these giant. Hehe.

We used up 1 hour to walk around the whole market and headed to Hua Hin Hills Vineyard next! I will be updating the post very soon after this.

Good night for now :)

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