Print Your Own Polaroids!

Awhile ago, I was introduced to Printic. Printic is an app based in Paris that allows you to print your pictures from your phone. And these are also printed in polaroid styles. Who doesn’t like polaroid right? Even better when you can forgo the hassle of carrying a bulky polaroid camera! Guess what? I’ve also learned this app just in time to prepare some Christmas gifts for my girls. Yes, I’ve printed polaroid pictures via my phone! It’s super easy and fun to have the photo printed. It’s not expensive too!

Here’s a video made easy for you to know more about Printic.

I’ve printed my current favourite BFF picture for the five of us and we do not need to fight over one single polaroid photo anymore! I’ve also printed some travel pictures taken with the boyfriend. Hehehe.

Printic app is available on both Apple and Android devices. And the good news is, it offers free worldwide delivery and it reaches your mailbox within 3-5 working days too, so act quick for this festive season! Make some polaroids for your love ones <3

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