Promise in Action #02

Hello, wondering how’s the progress of the TLC Promise Me Campaign and the pledge I took up? I went to Rumah Aman again during last Saturday for little Nazhim. During the trip, I’ve brought along things they needed (posted outside of Rumah Aman) – eggs, breads, fruits, mee hon, toilet cleaner and the list goes on with the donations collected from my blog here. Thank you contributors :)

This time around, he wasn’t as quiet and shy as before. He spoke so so so much! And he could ride the bike so much better. He must have been practicing! :) He can now make a perfect U-turn, even I cant T__________T Oh, and I caught him smiling away when I tried to show off my cycling skills, obviously it wasn’t good………

That day, we cut down on the cycling lesson because he has already knew everything he needs to! So instead of cycling, Nazhim, Liliane – my colleague and I spent about an hour talking to him. He seemed like he was in the mood for talking tho. He talked so much. Okay, I know I’ve been saying that but it’s true! Hahahaha.

We asked him if he was happy to receive the bike, if he was happy to know how to ride. And what really is his objectives and goals. We talked about his hobbies, his daily activities, joked with him and them laughing at my Malay language T_T We had a great time talking :)

Heeee. In case if you still want to donate as the fund raising is still open for all, please click here to contact me! I will update more about the campaign again soon, meanwhile you get to read on the other participants’ pledges here. And do follow the twitter account here for instant updates! :)

5 thoughts on “Promise in Action #02

  1. i really like your blog , bt i didnt see the Followers column in your page , so i’ve bookmark your site

    will be back for more

    love all your photos , hope to exchange photography inspiration in future

  2. jasmine : thank you :) Nah, cause I’m not using blogspot that’s why I dont have the followers’ box. and thank you so much. heee

  3. yuen : thank you!!! :D

    she : yes, indeed! wants to hear him speak more and more again during my next trip to rumah aman!

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