Promise in Action…

First of all, I wanna thank everyone who has contributed in the fund raising of TLC Promise Me Campaign as your support has helped me in fulfilling Little Nazhim’s wish to own and learn riding a bicycle! Fund contributors’ list can be found here. Whether you have donated money in the fund, bought their needs for them or shown effort towards this project, THANK YOU because I’ve gotten Nazhim his bicycle! :)

#01 My very helpful colleagues and I headed to Rumah Aman located in Shah Alam yesterday noon right after we knocked off from work. This is how Rumah Aman looked like if you ever want to pay a visit and bring them some donation.

#02 Besides bringing little Nazhim his bicycle, we brought them eggs and vermicelli noodles too as these were stated on the board shown above during my last trip to Rumah Aman. Now, these are what they need and these are what I’m going to get them when I’m going there next weekend. Is there anyone here who would like to contribute a little? Contact me!

#03 As we arrived, the little ones were taking their nap but I had to disturb and wake little Nazhim up to receive his surprise!

#04 Look at their little school shoes! :3 And those people behind the picture were some really nice people who dropped by with some donations and food – they brought them KFC as dinner!

#05 Anyway, I was kinda nervous because it was my first time meeting little Nazhim, my beneficiary. But before meeting up, Encik Azam once again took us for a short tour in Rumah Aman because this time I came with different friends. They were really surprised and impressed on how organised and clean this orphanage is!

We took a lot of pictures around and this is one of it – their bed and self-painted wardrobe in their rooms.

#06 Colours coordinated toothbrushes! :3

#07 And let’s say hello to little Nazhim! He is really one very very very very quite boy. And it was very hard for us to make him talk. Probably that we are strangers to him. But hey, we were so determined and cute – how can he not talk to us right? Hehehehe. We broke the ice :)

#08 Both May and Advan are suiting him up with the protection gears; just in case he falls while learning.

#09 He was very happy upon receiving the gift! We can see that from his eyes although he did not say anything. And then, we started the cycling class 101 by teaching him the basics first. Like how do we stabilize the bike, how to ride it the right way, how to brake this and that. However, we had only a small area of the compound to teach him; it is not a very good idea to teach him on the busy roads.

#10 Ignore that distracting stuff please. I was holding the bike when he was starting off to cycle. Little Nazhim actually has a little bit of cycling basics already judging from the way he starts to cycle. His guardian told me that he cycled for a couple of times before back in his hometown therefore it wasn’t very hard for us to teach him more!

#11 Hehehe. I told him to name his bike but he moved his shoulders up and down telling me he didn’t know what to name it.

#12 Teaching him to ride on slanting roads and braking slowly while going down the inclined roads.

#13 Little Nazhim on his bike. I’m not sure about the other kids in Rumah Aman as this will be the only bike in the house but I’ve told Nazhim to share it whenever he has to :) Sharing is caring!

Here’s a short video of Little Nazhim cycling. Please ignore my squeaky voice.

#14 Hehehehe happy people! And I think among us four, little Nazhim prefer my friend – Advan. I think its because the bike was fixed by him. Pfft.

#15 Did I mention that little Nazhim is a fast learner? And he is really brave. I remember I was really timid when I was learning to ride a bike. He can really master the skills we taught him by a blink of an eye. I’m so proud of him ah!

#16 Little Nazhim telling his guardian how happy he was while riding the bike. Besides Nazhim, the adults were also very happy and glad to see him enjoying with his ride. I am really happy. I really am; to see myself fulfilling this little kid’s wish.

#17 Before we called it a day, four of us took individual pictures with the happy little kid. The girls – May and I.

#18 And the guys – Steven and Advan.

#19 I gave him a polaroid photo of both of us too, as a bonus gift :) We calls that magic photo because the colour pops up in the picture slowly and it was something new for him. Awww.

#20 As we were leaving, we were also invited to join the kids for a tea break. We joined for awhile as we didn’t really want to bother the kids while eating. And that we were also hungry ;p Trust me, all the kids in the house are very well-mannered and cute! :) Heee.

I can’t wait for the next weekend to come so I can see them and teach little Nazhim again. If you guys wish to donate to the house; doesnt matter if its in cash or food form, let me know! I’m more than happy to pass it to them in behalf of you! You may contact me via here :) For more information, click here. And if you wish to know more about TLC Promise Me Campaign, log on to

11 thoughts on “Promise in Action…

  1. i could hardly understand what you said without the hints above lol “u turn” ? i thought it was something like “you done” ? hm. So do all Malaysians speak English like that? XD

    but i think i heard something like “唔錯咯” or “唔坐咯” in cantonese. right? lol i didn’t follow your “Please ignore my squeaky voice.” advice at all. :D

    good job vivien.

  2. simon : you did contribute! :)

    yee hou : omg. you stalker!

    janice & tian chad : 0__0 i told you guys to ignore it!!!

    thsi : hahaha yes, Malaysians have weird slang when we speak Cantonese. totally different from hongkie because we mixed in a lot of other languages like Malay, English, Mandarin, Hokkien and Hakka.. and U-turn is pretty common i thought. you guys call it 掉头 right? :)

  3. nah in hk we use the term “u-turn” too, but in a more straight forward accent. not posh but yea, more common accent lets say. XD

  4. wei…. yr entry touched my heart leh… i wished i was there with u guys!

    but i saw one very significant thing in this entry. let’s play a spot the difference game between the first picture of nazhim and the last one. yeap, its the smile! u, my dear, have just brighten up his life with that gift and yes, we are all so proud of you and happy to be apart of your noble work! kudos gal!

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