Rainbow Forest II

About awhile ago when i-City was introduced, I visited the place with Pui Yeen and Lie Peh during the day as blogged here. And just last month, I visited the wonderful place again with May, Steven and Rachel. But it was during the night this time. We wouldn’t have visited it if there isn’t any cheap bargain in Groupon. Haha.

#01 A night view upon arriving.

#02 The bargain we got from Groupon consist of entry to the Snow Walk and a few other outdoor rides in i-City. And lucky me that I’ve prepared myself a winter wear because the clothes they did not smell pleasant. Hahahaha.

#03 Trust me, it is freaking cold in the Snow Walk. Please prepare all the necessaries if you plan to visit the place. Despite the not-so-welcoming temperature, everything else was great. The lighting, the decoration, the games and the atmosphere were great.

#04 IRachel and I posing in the igloo.

#05 In this picture, I was actually trying to breathe out the visible water vapour but it seems like they cant be captured in pictures.

#06 The four of us. The double date. The normal and the lesbian couple. Lesbian couple wins with better PDA! :D :D

#07 In the Snow Walk, photographers were allocated in a few spots to take pictures of the visitors. We bumped into one who was quite bored and he decided to take pictures for us at all spots, with his and our very own cameras.

#08 A disfigured snowman?

#09 One of my favourite pictures of the night. And I totally remember how much my brother used to mention that I look like a flamingo T_T



#12 The adorable side of Rachel :)

#13 The four of us in an ice hut. Haha.

#14 “Welcome to My Crib!” :D

#15 Super cute kids’ ride!

#16 The soon-to-wed couples; Steven and May :)

#17 And it was the end of our very chilly journey in Snow Walk before we headed out for more outdoor rides, and bokehs too! <3 <3 I love bokeh!!!


#19 Colourful flowers and ferris wheel.

#20 More beautiful flowers that looked totally different in the day time!

#21 Carousel next!

#22 The big girls doing small girl stuff. Haha.


#24 Camwhoring in the merry-go-round.

#25 Getting crazy in the merry-go-round too.

#26 Aint it beautiful. The colourful lights of woods.

#27 We then had a train ride in the woods, above all the other rides which allowed us to see the whole i-City from the top.

#28 The short journey of ride in the colourful woods reminded me of Avatar land. Haha.






#34 Lights and blossoms.

#35 Another bokeh which I really love. I took this using Steven and May’s slr. Unfortunately, my compact camera wouldn’t give such a great effect.






#41 Capturing the trees with lights and the moon.

#42 I tried to take a love-shaped-hands by the couples plus bokeh behind but I think I kinda failed it.

#43 Another trial.. What do you think? Do you like all these pictures? Do you prefer the rainbow woods in day or at night? I still think I prefer it during the day <3

#44 Remember about the photographer earlier? Ahh he took such pretty picture of us and we couldn’t resist buying them as souvenirs for ourselves at the end of the day.

#45 Okay bye! :D

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