Rainbow Forest

What: Random Wesak Day Outing with the girls :)
When: 28 May 2010
Where: I-City [at] Shah Alam

This is a post filled with of vain and yet cheerful pictures :)

#01 I love this place. Its so peaceful and pretty in the day time. Who says you can only visit I-City during the night time? Hehehe. This is Lie Peh :)

#02 I love it even more during the day time because the colours are so pretty and there are less people to witness you camwhore. This is Pui Yeen :) My 14 years’ friend.

#03 We weren’t playing a fool with the umbrellas. It was raining quite heavily. We waited for the rain to stop for more than an hour till we couldn’t resist anymore, we went with umbrellas. Check out the shoes, which are still clean in the beginning.

#04 Ahhhh. So pretty. It feels like we’re out of Malaysia. It feels like some wonderland :) Anyway, Pui Yeen and my outfit was totally a coincident – we did not plan to wear the same styled outfit. Really! As for Lie Peh, we forced convinced her to changed her outfit when we knew both of us were in the same style. Hahaha.

#05 Twinkle twinkle little star…

#06 That’s me me me!

#07 That’s me me me in wonderland! The Rainbow Forest! :)

#08 We love colourful trees and transparent umbrellas.

#09 Doesnt this looked like it was taken during Autumn?

#10 Bimbo photo 01

#11 Ahhh… The weather began to turn good when the rain stop. It was breezy cold and windy! Love it!!

#12 The three of us :) We wished that some other girls were with us too. Come back quick, girls! We shall go there again for a big group photoshoot!

#13 Bimbo photo 02


#15 Ahh I love the shorts I’m wearing. I love how it made my legs look long and me looking tall :) :)


#17 With the soft focus. Awww. This is going to be the farewell shoot with my Junior, the Olympus PEN-EPL1. I wish I could keep the camera.

#18 I love how my hair looked like in this picture.

#19 Cheerful Pui Yeen :) And did you realise that the lights on the trees are switched on already! :) It was approximately 630pm-7pm then. There were more visitors already.

#20 Bimbo photo 03

#21 Lala poses 01

#22 Lala poses 02

#23 The sun was leaving… And the scene was changing bit by bit. A whole different mode now..

#24 Panda found! :D

#25 Frog found too!

#26 Check out the whole place. There were trees, lanterns, cherry blossoms, swans, frogs, peacocks, dears, flamingos and more!

#27 It was really nice during the night scene but I definitely prefer the morning one :D

#28 Oh yeah, the whole place reminded me of Avatar land! :)

#29 Night shots were pretty too; but not on us. Just plain lights of the ‘forest’.

#30 We were already very tired when the clock strikes 8pm. Aww. We had such a long and fun evening there. The Rainbow Forest :) We shall visit there once again.

32 thoughts on “Rainbow Forest

  1. jfook : haha it quite hard to have such shoots at night ;p

    kenwooi : really? aww. i’ve seen one actually!

    john : hahaha. its more like the 70s I guess. it is in the trend again :)

    bryan : hehe nice hor nice hor!

    cokeandfries : thank you. it took me quite awhile to have such a length. you can do it! :)

    hayley : there is! even Fahrenheit from Taiwan went there for commercial shooting!

    kim : thank you!!! i saw that you went there too :3 :3

    xiaopei : indeed. I myself love this set of pictures too.

    jackie : :D

    evychua : hahaha we were forced too. it was raining. kakakaka.

    m : aww. lie peh did my curls. it was much nicer earlier but it just went flat after awhile. huhuhu. wished i can keep that eh!

  2. sam, ur readers here are so keen lorh.. says that i’m also part of the pretty one.. wahahahahaha!

  3. You’re really a sweet girl. Awesome pictures you have here!! Haha… I love the few which you’re holding the transparent umbrella.
    You’re using PEN-EPL1, it seems a good camera. Haha… most my friend start using it also.

    I’ll be here always, do remember to upload more often. * boring working days makes me crazy *

    Cheer~* ^u^

  4. blurbendan : Hihi! thanks for visiting my blog and liking my pictures. I wished I’m sitll using that camera :( No longer using it and missing it badly. Sigh. I will update my blog on my weekend getaway soon too.

  5. Ohhh~ changing your camera soon??
    Are you still studying?? (I think probably is since you looks damn young)
    okay, forget bout it.

    Looking forward for your new post then. *excited* ^u^

  6. blurbendan : ahh no. the Olympus doesnt belong to me. It was loaned for review purposes only. I’m using Canon G11 :) and I’m not studying anymore. Kekeke..

  7. ms bulat : thank you. hehe the bag actually belongs to my mum. she owned it for more than 20 years already! real vintage :)

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