Santorini Park & Swiss Sheep Farm @ Hua Hin, Thailand

Yoohoo! I’m back from a one-week getaway before I start afresh with a new phase of life. It was a very enjoyable trip with a lot of new places explored but it is also probably one of the hottest trip I’ve been to. I had to shower 3 times a day and drink continuously to keep myself hydrated. Hmmn.

The journey started from Bangkok where we touched down at 10pm. Got our local SIM cards and left for Hua Hin immediately. Daryl and I took a chartered vehicle and spend almost 2 hours and 30 minutes before we arrived at Royal Pavilion Hua Hin. We wanted to take the train initially but we thought it would be better for a chartered vehicle instead, considering that we are traveling at late hours.

We threw ourselves to bed as soon as we checked in the hotel, keeping ourselves loaded with energy for the next day! :)

First destination, Santorini Park!

I’ve always favour the place, the real place in Greece. So, when I first heard of this park, I knew I must visit it already! We reached there as early as 10am because the crowd piles up but the sun was already killing me. You will be seeing me with red rosy cheeks and sweaty foreheads in the next pictures. Haha!

This lychee soda saved my life! Haha.

Just like reviewed in numerous blogs and websites, this place is indeed beautiful. However, during the point of my visit, a portion of the place was blocked up for renovation works. I didn’t manage to explore the entire place and I was quite upset about it.

Not all the shops were opened and everyone was just wandering around for pictures. Hmmmn.

I made two rounds in the park while I trust there must be more for me to explore… but I disappoint myself. Sigh. And we ended up spending less than 2 hours there, just for some pictures and drinks. Nothing much.

Besides the disappointment, I also found out that the Santorini Park has a new Water Park built right beside it. It was also too late for me to enter it because we did not bring any swimwear along. Brr. So, if you like to spend more time there and make your traveling time more well-worth, you can consider to visit the water park as well.

After that, we moved on to the nearby attraction – Swiss Sheep Farm. As if the heat at Santorini Park wasn’t scary enough, we still proceeded to the farm (it has no shades around!). Haha.. but! There’s a but to it… the place is far more interesting than Santorini Park. It appears to be more picturesque too!

By paying 200baht, you get to feed these sheep in the farm! You can also opt to milk them too. Just look at their hungry stares. Lol.

Ooh! I found a lost sheep in the middle of no where. Haha. This little fella refused to respond to me. Mehh.

I lost count on the numbers of popsicles I took during this trip. Ahhhh that was one of the best ways to beat the heat! And my favourite has to be the chrysanthemum popsicle :)

Besides both the titled places, we visit the Mrigadayavan Palace and Hua Hin Railway station too. The palace was a former royal residence and now, a tourist attraction located in the very same district. It’s a humble and chilling place but no pictures were allowed to be taken there.

So there’s none to share here.

As for the railway, it is also one of the significant landmark in Hua Hin. It is built very beautifully and majestically. We spend a good 15 minutes there for some pictures and left before we collapse under the sun. The heat wasn’t a joke! Hmmmn.

Right after the railway visit, we headed back to the hotel to chill ourselves. Stayed in for a bit till dinner time and met up a group of friends who were in Hua Hin too!

We called it a night after the meet up :)

By the way, we chartered a taxi from the hotel’s tour desk that brought us around to the mentioned locations. You can always ask the tour desk and usually it costs no more than RM200.

Wait up for the next post as I will blog about the next destinations – Plearn Wan Eco Vintage Village, Sam Phan Nam Floating Market, Hua Hin Hills Vineyard ad Cicada Market!

2 thoughts on “Santorini Park & Swiss Sheep Farm @ Hua Hin, Thailand

  1. Hi. Just want to ask you bout the transportation. How do you travel around hua hin area? do u pre book a cab to take u all the places that you want to go? Or u take a day tour?

  2. Hi Hayley! We got a cab from the hotel’s desk a few hours ahead for further places in Hua Hin such as the places blogged in this post. As for other nearer places, we took the public tuk-tuk which cost only 10baht per person to any destination :)

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