#SeoulSearching; My Valentines

This Seoul post has finally come to its end. Sorry for being super slow in updating the blog. I still blame Facebook and Instagram for this. Haha. Anyways, technically this wasn’t our last day in Seoul but we left in the next morning. And of course, it was really nice to be able to spend Valentines in Seoul with the smelly one. Nothing tooooooo cliché… we.. just went to the… N Seoul Tower for the “Love Locks”. Haha!

We were there as early as 9am and I remember that the cable car wasn’t operating yet. Pfft. So we waited for it, because we didn’t want to climb up the hill… in winter.

The love locks! There were so many of them and honestly, majority of these locks were dedicated to their biased Kpop idols. At least, this is what I’ve observed based on those I’ve seen.

So here comes ours. And excuse us for being so cheesy and lame on our message because we could not come up with anything better than this. LOL. Can’t believe that I drew two stupid stickman too. Hahaha.

After that, we headed to the observatory deck. It was nothing too impressive but I’ve found home! :D :D Wrote and sent a postcard too.

Later on, we took the subway and headed to Hyehwa. We were supposed to head to Ehwa actually but I think we wrote/seen the itinerary wrongly. It wasn’t too bad at all because we just had our best lunch in one of the random restaurant found along the way. Best kimchi and soy bean paste stew soups ever!!!!

Then, we headed to Ehwa Womans’ University as soon as we are done with the lunch. The shopping heaven, I would say! Everything is so cheap and pretty there… Not forgetting yummy street snacks too! We did not take a lot of pictures here because camera was kept and I was on a full-swing mode for spring shopping! :D :D

Later, we headed back to the Hanok as we were carrying too many things for dinner. Hehehe. Found yummy chicken teriyaki stick along the way too!

Yupe! Nooryanjin Fishery Market it was. I’ve always hated the fishy smell in the market but I could bare with this because the smell wasn’t too bad during the winter. And all stalls look almost the same to us that we do not know how to pick anyways.. So we went by gut feeling. Picked on a random ajunma who photobombed me in my pictures.

Of course, the smelly one picked this dish he has been wanting to try – Sannakji live octopus!

I didn’t have it because… I didn’t like octopus in the first place. I had a gigantic snow crab, all to myself instead! And also, yummy and freshly bbq abalones! The entire meal cost us only RM200, with soju and all. It was so yummy! :D Would want to have more seafood meals there again!

And before Valentine ends, the smelly (but kinda sweet) one bought me a mini bouquet of flowers during our walk back to Hanok. It was so adorable I couldn’t resist taking another picture… Or rather the last one. Here it is!

I’m officially in love with Seoul <3

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