#SeoulSearching; Nami Island

On the third morning of our vacation in Seoul, we headed to Nami Island. It was a very peaceful and beautiful island. I think most people would relate the island to the famous Korean drama, Winter Sonata.

From Seoul, we took the subway to Cheongnyangi. Then, transferred to Gapyeong by taking ITX. The whole journey took us approximately 2 and the half hours. If you are heading there, remember to buy tickets for both ways at the same time to minimize the waiting time. Stupid me did not remember to do so and we had to wait almost 1 hour for the train. Hmmnp!

When you reached the Gapyeong station, fetch a cab and it will you straight to the ferry terminal. The distance is about 10 minutes and it will cost you roughly RM5 per trip. We didn’t know that and we actually shared the taxi with two other girls who so happened to be girls from the same country. Haha. Instead of sharing the taxi fare, we paid it all because it was cheap. Too paiseh to take the money from them. Haha.

On the ferry, you can find the Malaysia’s flag too. Hehehe. Moving on.. You will have to purchase the entrance fee as soon as you touch down the island. It’s gonna be crowded during the weekend and be there early to avoid the tour groups.

The island was covered with white snow and the scenery was breathe-taking. Ahhh and it was leg-killing too because I had to wear the wrong shoe that day T_____T

Anyways, we took the tour map and strolled around the island alone. Walked here and there. Took photos at almost every possible corner because all the corners are just too beautiful. We spotted a lot of fur balls around too!

We found the famous Winter Sonata’s First Kiss bridge and took a super cheesy picture. Was feeling super shy because so many people was watching it. And we had to thank this Chinese tourist who took this picture for us. She was so friendly and she took the picture so sincerely :)

One of the best spots in the island was the fire pit. Hahahahahaha. We would stick to it for 10 minutes, every now and then. It was freezing cold.

Another furball spotted! Lol.

After strolling, we ended up at one of the restaurants – Drama Cafe for its shake-bento, kimchi pancake and rice wine. They tasted so so so good!!!! For some reasons, most guests in the same restaurant came from Malaysia. They must be attracted by the same blog I found the review from. Lol.

Daryl and I acted like we were no tourists. Hahahahaha. And we ended up attracting the locals talking to us and seeking for our help in taking their photographs. Probably ain’t a good idea after all.

Let’s build a snowman!!!! Wee!!!!!!

This island is so so so pretty. I wanna visit it again during Autumn!!!!!!

We found even more fur balls, running around the white woods.

You can also get hot snacks by the road side. I had the Korean’s tau sar pau (red bean pau) and it taste so nice… It must be the weather that makes me think that everything is nice. Haha.

We spent almost 3 hours there before the crowd came in. And trust me, it was scary. There were so many people walking in from the entrance that you can’t really see the white ground no more. It got a lot noisier too. Pfft. Lucky us for being early. But before we left, we bought ourselves the Nami Island’s currency as souvenirs. You can get them easily at the tourist info centre :) It would be meaningful because it looks really cool and it can’t be found elsewhere (it is kept by the boyfriend hence I can’t show you how it looks like here).

That’s the end of our Nami Island trip. Where’s next? Shopping at Ssamziegil, Insadong and crazy 3-round dinner at Heogi!! Wait for it!

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