#SeoulSearching; Ssamziegil & Hoegi

Continuing in my Seoul Searching journey… We had a last minute change in plan after we visited Nami Island. As scheduled, we should be enjoying the in jimjilbang (sauna) and challenging the Cheonggukjang (dead body soup) but we changed the plan. We made our way to Insadong and Hoegi to meet up our friends who are coincidentally in Seoul too!

As I was told, Insadong is a street of souvenirs. Indeed it was. You could find gifts for almost everyone there. And yeah, we bought a lot too. Besides that, the famous Ssamziegil mall was located there too. I learned that the mall was uniquely designed, combining the modern and traditional architecture together even before I stepped into it.

It was one interesting mall that has incline zig zags walkways throughout the building and connects each floors. And you can find really artsy fartsy things around too.

And the first thing I spotted in the mall was this poo bread! Hahaha! I’m missing this Korea shit already.

Besides handy craft stores, you will get to see a few themed cafes in the mall too. Here’s one lovey dovey cafe found on the top floor where you can find lotsa love notes and confessions hanging around.

After shopping for gifts and what not around the area, we proceed to Hoegi for a meet up with the friends. As we were walking to the subway station, we passed by these road side stalls and damn, we always wanted to tried it. So we did! We had yummy kimbaps (again) and some intestines party too. Hahaha. I thought the liver taste really good but I could barely try the sundae. No, it is not sundae ice cream kinda sundae. The Korean’s sundae refers to the pig’s or cow’s intestines, blood and glass noodles. Ummmn. Daryl enjoyed it.

We reached Hoegi earlier than the girls so we thought we should chill in the cafe instead of the long-wait outdoor, during winter. At the super quiet street, we found a cafe. Okay, the place we were supposed to meet was not supposed to be where we ended. We exited the different place and ended up at somewhere really quiet.

There are just too much of cafes in Seoul and we actually did not get to try them patiently. Most of the time we did the take-out but we still get to sit in for a bit while waiting for the others.

And we finally met up after 30 minutes of wait! We were then brought back to the happening streets of Hoegi and we headed to the street of pancakes straight for dinner. Honestly, we did not expect the onion seafood pancake we ordered to be as huge as a pizza. Gosh. It was served along with a few side dishes, they were so yummy but we could not finish them all.

That’s Shirley and Meiyan! Haha I never thought I would be seeing Meiyan in Seoul actually. She was really friendly on our first meet up and I felt a little bit weird to be seeing her in person after being her listener through the radio since her debut. Haha.

These ladies told us that the dinner will not be our last meal. They said that we had to follow their culture of eating three rounds at a go! I’ve actually not heard of that culture but hey, we don’t mind trying it so we headed to Paris Baguette next for desserts!

I had cheesecake, Meiyan had a chocolate cake and Shirley had an ice cream together with a hot drink each. It was awesome!! I loved the mini-size cheesecake and I don’t think it is gonna be easy for me to hunt for a similar taste here! Grr. And how can we not love the packaging of the drinks. Too cute!!!

After dessert, we decided to go for a round of happy hour. Haha guess what! We had the famous fried-chicken-and-beer, following the food trend after the k-drama “My Love From Another Star”. LOL much. And to our surprise, we were served with one whole chicken. OMG. At that point of time, we could barely tuck in anymore but we weren’t allowed to dine in without ordering real food, not even if we order alcohols. Ahhh. Being Malaysians, we ended up the best solution – tapau (take away)! Haha.

Over the meals, we talked about our love for the hallyu scene and the food we have tasted during our holidays. Hahaha it was fun and I wish my body battery didn’t die off so quickly so that we could continued with shopping with the girls. They actually bought a hell lotsa clothes back to Malaysia and I wished I did too. Haha. We love the fashion and trend there too. Brr.

I did not do any shopping until my fifth day there. I splurged…. Guess where!!! It was one of my best shopping experience and I shall reveal it in my next posts! Hahaha. Next up is, Bukchon Hanok Village and the Palaces in Seoul :)

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