Shanghai Night 2014

Here’s a super back-dated post of my company’s annual dinner celebration, organised by yours truly. I’m guilty for not updating this blog but I’m really having insufficient time to do so anymore. I’m really envious of those who can still keep up their blog as interesting as ever.

Mine is now turning to a photoblog instead! Boo..

Anyways, here are some snap shot of the night. We’ve got a lot of pretty ladies in Cheong Sam :D I really love the purple one I bought from Double Woots blogshop. I like the puffy bottom. Hehe.

Fellow members who helped out a lot during the whole dinner preparation.

And here are my new team mates. I’m glad that everyone likes the Instagram frame I made. Haha.

And the three of us were nominated as the Employee of the Year. The winner was my smelly boy. So proud of him. But that doesnt mean Sue and/or myself did not work hard enough. Hahaha.

Besides the photo frame, I came up with a lot of photo props relating back to the theme too! That’s the all of us from the company. All looking good yeah!

Last but definitely not least, my smelly boy and I. We’ve just returned from Seoul, a long-awaited trip and I can’t wait to share the pictures here already :D Oh ummn.. I will try to make the wait shorter. Hehe.

4 thoughts on “Shanghai Night 2014

  1. How did you make that instagram prop?? I wanted to get it done for an event of mine.

  2. Rebecca : We actually printed this out manually on a few pieces of A3 paper then, combined it together on a honeycomb board. Hehe. Cost saving mah like this..

  3. That’s a great idea :)
    Can you tell us how you made it and where you find the icons ?
    Thanks a lot!

  4. Illyess : I actually have them drawn manually but I’m sure it can be downloaded from the net. Try this!

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