Shyen & Felix’s Wedding

What: Shyen & Felix’s Wedding
When: 17 November 2012
Where: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Here’s a back-dated post of my colleague’s wedding which made me flew all the way to Sabah for her wedding. It wasn’t my fault for updating this so so so late but the bride’s! Hahaha. I’ve gotten the pictures from her, just today! So technically, I’m still quite an efficient person. I just need to have those memories refreshed in mind again to be blogging about this! Hahaha.

And so a few of us flew over to Sabah for the morning and night wedding ceremony. The theme was fuchsia for the girls and apparently, wedding ceremonies in Sabah can be quite different from us in KL. From what I was told, newly weds actually have to buy space and place their wedding announcement or advertisement on their local newspapers. Hahaha.

#01 This was my friend’s version. I felt really funny about it and I will never do that. Hahahaha.

#02 Here’s the bride and I :) We both are quite swollen because this picture was taken approximately at 6 in the morning. Haha.

#03 I was feeling stone the whole day due to the lack of sleep abroad. My derp moment was caught on camera too.

#04 All the girls and the bride. I now feel bad because I could not recall all of their names already. And this picture was taken right before the groom and the guys came to crash the gate.

#05 Another shoot of the girls which I never knew existed because I was already preparing the games in the hotel (yes, the bride was being picked and games were played in the hotel, as early as 7am). Pfft. I only found out about this picture 3 months later. Nevertheless, it’s a nice picture.

#06 The arrival of the groom, at the entrance of the hotel, Sixty3 which was located strategically in Gaya Street of Kota Kinabalu. Groom needs to be “gaya” too. Haha.

#07 The guys’ colour code was white but we thought they should have a hint of fuchsia too ;)

#08 Because the whole thing took place in a hotel of 5 floors, we made things different. We created games of 4 levels, going accordingly to the level of floors where every 2 girls were stationed in each floor for different challenges and game. That was always because we could not do everything in the hotel lobby. And the first challenge was to do the “Gangnam Style” move. Gosh! Did you know that during that period of time, most weddings had “Gangnam Style” element whether in games or videos? It was…. scary.

#09 The next obstacle was located at level 1 and the guys had to sing this morning song while…

#10 They brush their teeth with wasabi paste :) :) :) My favourite! Hahahaha. And because the guys refused to do as we said, we made noises. And because they made noises, we got scolded from the hotel guest. The hotel levels are not totally covered by floors, it looks like a mall where the centre of the hotel is an open area. I dont know how to explain this exactly but noises from the first floor can actually be heard from the top. Complains and scoldings didn’t stop coming until we finished the whole session. OMG. It was quite a horrible thing to do in the hotel but we didn’t have another option. Sorry if you were one of the guests T_T

#11 Anyways, the next game played was throwing the dice for a punishment. So technically, the guys will receive punishments on whichever result the dice landed with. Haha. The dice wasn’t made by any of us, but it was bought by the bride earlier during her trip in China. We just get to finally make use of it :D

#12 Then we received our first red packet in Renminbi. The China’s currency. We weren’t very pleased with the amount. Still headed for the next game.

#13 It was me and the bride’s cousin who were stalled for the challenge at level 5. The guys had to lick a heart shape on the chocolate piece with their tongues without getting the plastic poked through. It was difficult and gross. Lol.

#14 This was me, explaining about the game.

#15 And this was me, rushing the guys to play the game before the time given ends.

#16 This was me, making them dance “Gangnam Style” again because they failed the chocolate challenge. Pfft.

#17 Here’s the last challenge for the guys. They were supposed to collect lipstick stains from the hotel guests but we have already pissed them off, so we made the guys collect their own lipstick stains instead.

#18 That was Melissa, inspecting their stains. Haha.

#19 And that was Melissa again, looking really happy when she opened the second red packet in US Dollars! :D :D

#20 After that, we allowed them to crash the room that belonged to the bride. But it was a trap! Bride wasn’t there and they had to give another red packet to get her exact location. Hahaha.

#21 The third one was given in Malaysia Ringgit and the amount was not too bad either.

#22 So, we then gave him 3 room keys which one of them was real. He found that room, the last. And when he did, he had to make a confession to his lovely bride in Hakka. Haha. It sounded really funny then.

#23 Finally, they met! <3

#24 If you have to know about their love stories, the groom is my friend’s first love since they were really young. They tied the knot few years back without a ceremony and now they are blessed with a cute little baby daughter <3 And they are the far most easy-going couples I've ever met!

#25 The couple and the bride’s parents who are really down to earth too.

#26 The couple and the worn out girls. At least I was.

#27 <3

#28 A group picture with the guys too. I didn’t have a very good relationship with few of the guys among. Not even a relationship because I knew and met them for only 2 days. I find them really annoying and really unsporting. Pfft. They story is damn long but I might have story them to you already, if you know me well enough. Pfft to the max.

#29 After the gate crashing event, we all headed to a Buddhist centre. It was also my first time being in such place for a wedding. It was a long ceremony and I couldn’t remember much from the event because I was really sleepy after the games already but I remember eating, taking this picture about and being pissed off by the guys.

#30 I don’t remember taking this picture actually. Hahaha. The bride claimed to be very tired to smile in these pictures too. Haha.

#31 And after that, we headed to the groom’s house for the leftover ceremonies that involved tea and red packets. Hahaha. The girls and I did nothing but wandered in the house. This is my favourite picture taken throughout the whole day anyway – Rachel, Shyen, Melissa and myself.

#32 Plus the groom, Felix.

#33 Finally some genuine smiles caught in camera after a tiring day, while seeing polaroids of the day.

#34 Haha! Here’s a funny picture taken the flower tossing event. The flower flew out of the bouquet while tossing and none of the girls (me included) bothered to fetch it because we were busy blocking the direct sunlight to our eyes with our hands already. Haha. The bride had to toss it three times until the sister of the groom fetched it. And that was the end of the day ceremony.

We all headed back to the hotel and slept dead for a few hours before we headed out again for the night ceremony. Ahhh. During the night, we assisted the couples by having the guests seated. It was also something different because the couple and their family had to greet each and every guest before the dinner. It is a must in the state it seems. That’s one tiring tradition and I bet the couple didn’t know all of the guests ;p

#35 During the night, I was pissed again by the guys. Nothing much was remembered then, and this was the only picture taken. And on the next day, we had a half day trip to Sapi Island as blogged here :)

There’s one more wedding to blog about but not until I’ve gotten the pictures from the bride again. Hahaha, these brides really need to be more efficient eh…

3 thoughts on “Shyen & Felix’s Wedding

  1. unsporting heng dais are definitely no fun :P hahaha!
    and can’t get over the ad on the newspaper , that is something i have never heard!

  2. last time when i was 1st came to kota kinabalu, i was feeling weird too when i saw these wedding advertisement in newspaper, but i get used to it now. It is the tradition for the chinese and some of the locals to put on wedding advertisement on the ‘big day’..

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