SJ-M at Hari Belia Negara 2011

What : Super Junior-M Concert at Hari Belia Negara 2011
When : 28 May 2011
Where : Presint 3, Putrajaya

When I heard of this news early this month, I was in disbelief. The organisers actually invited Super Junior-M to perform for Malaysia’s Youth Day 2011, FOR FREE!! I mean like the whole concert was free admission and it was opened to everyone on earth. It was a must to go before I’m sorry….. because Siwon is part of SJM :) :)


The event is said to be starting at 9pm but there was a huge crowd even at 3pm already. I did not expect such crowd so Jamie, Natalie and I decided to skip dinner and leave KL 30 minutes earlier than scheduled. We reached the destination at 6pm and we saw endless road of humans. It was packed like sardine. OMG. I cant possibly describe how packed it was and because it was a little too early for us to join the crazy crowd, we chilled at a nearby cafeteria for an hour or so.


#03 Jamie, Natalie and I

We returned to the crowd later and we’ve got ourselves some good spot. Not too near and not too far away from the stage. A spot where we will have definite good view, possibly good and clear shoots of the boys. Before the cute Korean guys made their appearances on stage, there were a few local artistes who went up stage for the opening performance. A few were an OK but there was one guy who sucked. I’m sorry. I cant even tell what language was he singing. Pfft.

Okay, there was another host who asked us to make donation as well. I don’t think it was quite appropriate.

However, we did not last long at the spot. As the time drew nearer, the crowd got even more packed. Imagine – sweat, smoke, body heat, body rubbing… everything was uncomfortable and I was suffocating. Never in such event of my idols that I’ve given up such a good spot and I did it last night. I was dying. I didn’t want to pass out so I walked out of the crowd and ended up sitting in front of a gigantic projector screen.

I felt so sad to have ended up at a virtual view of the boys instead of a direct view. I felt bad for making Natalie followed me out from the crowd too. Lucky Jamie was tall enough to survive in the crowd. I really didn’t like the idea of have such a close and sweaty contact with the other people like that. I’m sorry.

#04 The crowd projected on the gigantic screen.

#05 We sat and waited for the boy with Ginny and Arthur who later joined us. We waited, we waited for at least 1 hour till the emcee, Serena C appeared. She introduced the boys and the crowd started to go really hyped and crazy. But I was a little disappointed because only 6 out of 8 came and my favourite boy wasn’t here!!!!! No longer perfect……… I want my Siwon D: D: D: Picture above is taken from Twitter.

#06 If I were to stand up from the screen, this would be my view – all blocked.

The boys came out and sang 太完美 Perfection buttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt I think they lip synced. From the place I was located, the sound system was really bad. The bass and everything burst and we can barely hear anything clearly. But Jamie who was still stuck in the crowd said everything was fine D: Sigh.

The boys came out singing and dancing in their blazer and all. I can see that they were suffering to wear them in such a hot weather. All of them were sweating like mad. Poor thing. And being really frustrated, I think I cursed and scolded a little when I did not get to see Siwon D: D: Argh. It was so frustrated you know. I had a bad morning, a bad skin breakout, a bad menstrual cramp, bad sound system from my location, breathing difficulties, bad spot and now Siwon isnt here D: D: Sigh. To make things worst, Zhoumi was trying to act as if he was the leader and when he spoke in Cantonese, I got angrier and I don’t really know why. Lol.

They sang 命运线 Destiny after their first song and introduction. Then, it was their solo performances. It started with the cutest guy on stage (because Siwon wasnt around) – Henry. He sang his solo, 表白 Off My Mind in a super cute Bieber outfit. Haha. At this point of time, Ginny was already going crazy for him and his cuteness. I thought he looked like Wilber Pan last night! Haha.

I cant remember the sequences but Zhoumi came up stage and sang Z-Chen’s 凌晨三点钟 3am, Ryeowook sang Theresa Teng’s 我只在乎你, Kyuhyun sang A-Mei’s 如果你也听说, Eunhyuk danced a series of MJ’s iconic songs and moves, while Sungmin did not perform. Out of all, I thought Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk did the best :)

For some reasons, Kyuhyun stoned on stage the whole night. Either he was feeling very uncomfortable with the weather or he was just plain exhausted. During the interview, Kyuhyun mentioned that we actually forgotten some dance moves but it wasn’t translated by their interpretor on stage. Pfft.

After the solo performances, it was the fans’ super privilege time. There were 6 pre-selected fans to go up stage with SJM! Omg! Lucky Siwon wasn’t here.. I can bear to see him hugging another girl right in front of me. Hahahahahahaha. Yeah, the 6 lucky fans get to ask each of them a question and hug them. Everyone of SJM hugged their fans politely but Zhoumi kneel down on his knee and kissed the girl’s hand. I dont understand that. Pffft. I have no pictures of these solo performances and fans on stage. If you want, you can visit this link or link for pictures! :)

As usual, the boys flirted with all fans by calling us pretty and telling us they love us. Hahaha. After that, they sang 到了明天 Blue Tomorrow before leaving the stage. It was barely 11pm. Indeed, right after the song they left the stage, so did the fans. Most of the people stood up and left the place already. Not too long later,we heard Serena C asking us if we wanted more.

WOW! There was an encore!!!

Super Junior-M came out and sang their debut song, Super Girl! And because half of the people left already, Natalie and I got the opportunity to walked up to the crowd, somewhere nearer to the stage without seeing the gigantic projector already! And here come my pictures!!!

#07 Boys singing Super Girl.



#10 Is Kyuhyun starring at Eunhyuk? Haha.




#14 The boys bowing and bidding farewell to everyone.

#15 Bye Kyu! Please send my regards to Mr Choi! :) :)

#16 Picture taken online, during their press conference for the event. From the left we have Sungmin, Ryeowook, Henry, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun and Zhoumi. Rumours said Siwon and Donghae won’t be attending due to their drama filming but I never expect it to be true. I’m so saddddddddddddddd. Siwon wasn’t here last night D: D: But on the bright side, I didn’t had a good spot to see him right into his eyes after all so it is still fine.

They should come here more often but the admission must be either chargeable or limited, seriously. Free concerts during events like this seriously suck. I don’t mean the boys but I did not enjoy the whole thing besides seeing them. I demand for more of SuJu – SIWON!

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  1. jenz : haha yeah!

    jolene : i think it means Mandarin because they sing Chinese songs and is marketed to the Chinese fans!

    thsi : er… I dont know but my face is screwed up recently T_T

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