Soju, my first furkid

Besides my wedding, I got really caught up with Soju! Yupe, one of my highlights this year is getting a puppy and overcoming the damn fear of dogs. Lol what a great achievement.

I first met him on 10 September at a pet shop and this was how he looked like! How can I resist this cute fluffy fella!

I was mad in love with this fella, it was love at first sight but I know I can bring him home just like that. There are so many things to consider to have him at home. Of course, he wasn’t cheap either. I took one sleepless night to think about him and finally decided to call him mine on the next day.

He was the cutest thing ever.

I wished I met him earlier as he was already 5 months old when we took him back. I wished I could see the tinier him and to shower him with more love and discipline, of course.

It’s my third month with this little one now and I’ve been documenting his growth throughout. Take a look at his first month with me!

Soju was getting comfortable in his new room, new home. Look at those sleepy eyes! So manja!!!!

Soju and his first temporary bed and blanket. Of course, his first toy too – it is still surviving till date. Hahaha.

And here, his first weekend with the big buddy – Furby. Furby is a little too old to be his playmate but Soju loves to bother him, a hell lot. This kid is unstoppable. Can you tell that they are really pleased to be joining our weekly family dine-out?

His first hangout at aunty Cindy’s, wearing head gears which didn’t belong to him. He was terrified hahahaha because everyone has their first times.

His real bed finally arrived after 2 weeks! I got him a yellow one to match my very own bed and room. Hahaha. He matches pastel colours too <3 I got him quite a few toys as well.

A impromptu stop by at this pretty tree for pictures with the furkid. Look at his curious face! Tell me how not to love him!

The first month with him was filled with fun and also frustration in training him – but I have no regrets. I love him to bits. He is very whiny, very licky (don’t think there’s a word for it but you get me!), very smart, very playful but very timid. He’s getting really fluffy too!

Let me update you guys more on this second month in the next post because one post can fit in all the cuteness ehhhhh!! <3 <3

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