Some Time in January

I’m sorry for not updating the blog ever since.. last year! Haha. There have been too many happenings around me and I just can’t find the right time to settle down and blog about ’em. I blame the other social media apps such as Instagram and Dayre for splitting my blogging’s effort too. Lol. Anyways, here’s a blog post dedicated to all the same happenings during the first month of the year.

04 January 2014

My year started with great stuff! I was notified to be the lucky winner of a brand new hair makeover. I was so excited because I was desperate for a new hair cut and I’ve just won it so in time. I had new cut, curls, maximum treatment and some hair products all summing up to RM1000, courtesy of Centro Hair Salon. Can’t thank them enough for picking me as a winner! :D

Hahahaha and I thought I look better with my eyes closed that day. /Blek

Then on the same evening, I attended the first wedding dinner of the year. It was my school mate’s Phay San who got married. I am actually invited by her sister who was much closer :D We are girls from the same fun batch!

11 January 2014

This day, I attended Kyochon’s official opening ceremony as a Churpie. Kyochon chicken has finally arrived in Malaysia with the the next largest store opened in 1Utama Shopping Centre, after its branches in Seoul. We attended the event, witnessed the opening and tasted the yummy chicken. I have to say I really like the original flavoured one.

And my happiest moment is when I met Siwon there. Siwon’s statue to be exact. Hahaha. I would have met Kangin and Kyuhyun of Super Junior if I attended the earlier opening ceremony too. Ahh. What a waste :/ I could only see the autographs they left the fans on the tables in Kyochon.

As a Churpie, they filled us with not only their chickens but I was given a calendar with Super Junior in it! Woots! And also vouchers for my next visit there. So fun to be attending such events again as a part from the blogsphere but I must admit that I’m rather an expired one. All I do now is just photo-blogging and enjoying most of my time with the smelly one. Traveling together too <3 12 January 2014

Speaking of traveling, we are both very much looking forward to our winter vacation happening next month. I haven’t seen snow since I was 6! And that was like 20 years ago. ZOMG! I got so excited, even shopping for winter wear are equally excited too!

We crashed the malls a few times to shop for the winter necessities and came across The Gardens Mall super pretty CNY decor at their mall’s lobby. It was Shanghai themed! Can’t resisted to snap pictures with them.

Ginny said I’m finally looking healthy with the weight gained on my body. LOL Really? :D

Up next, I’m gonna blog about the company annual dinner organised by yours truly. It was a fun Shanghai themed dinner. Just wait for it! :D

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