SuJu – Mr Simple Album Review

Ahhhh.. After 2 weeks of patience, I’ve finally gotten Super Junior’s 5th album – “Mr Simple” today! :) Gosh, the fan girls’ mode is on. Please exit before you get annoyed by me! Hahaha.

And I’m really surprised because the whole album is sized like a retro vinyl! It’s HUGE! And it’s not as expensive as I thought it would be.. Teehee! :E

SM Entertainment surely knows who to earn the money from the fans’ pocket. Pfft. There are 10 active members in the band and hell, they came out with 10 different covers featuring one boy on each designs! Ahhh! I’m lucky to have only one bias member and that I wouldn’t need to splurge…

Also, I knew of online shop and some music stores that disallow you to pre-order your preferred cover local and it sucked. I was worried that I wont be able to get Siwon’s version because I do not want any other members’…. Thanks to Natalie! She recommended me a place where I can possibly get the album with my dream guy on the cover! You guys can check out the place too if you are a fan of K-pop; My Star Trading @ Berjaya Times Square!

When I opened the album, I got kinda shock to see what’s inside.. Hahaha. This is scary. I cannot imagine how crazy will the other fanatic girls go but I was totally @_@ Hmmmn.. I didn’t expect this…

So this is the colourful CD :) :)

They even have gigantic individual mugshots of each of the boys. Drools…. My favourite is in lime green! <3 <3 Just when I’ve gotten this album on my hands, I also learned that SM Entertainment have just got Mr Simple Version B released in their country!!! WTH!!!! At the same time, I’ve also gotten the news that they will be coming out with Version C and D as well… Pfft pfft. Stop raping our wallets SM D: D: D:  Read more about it here and view their newly released pictures here. I think their packaging are really nice but I’m not going to get it. I will be broke. Maybe Version C or D, it all depends on the songs included la. Ahhh, it depends.

What do you think about the concept that Super Junior has for this comeback album? About a month’s time back, the company decided to reveal their picture one by one each different day and all fans really got kinda excited to see them in their fresh and new looks! I literally went WOW when I saw Siwon’s.. Hahaha.

Oh well, they called this the ‘Ubersexual’ concept; meaning the boys are pursuing a more stylish and masculine image, but yet it’ll still be sexy and suave. Hmmn. I don’t mind any concept as long as Siwon looks good! Hahaha how shallow of me. Blek!

And now, some short and personally reviews of the 12 new songs included in this version of Mr. Simple;

01 Mr Simple
Hahaha to be honest, when I first heard of this song.. I thought it was weird and hard to accept. But when I played in it in the loop for repeated times, I find it quite nice and catchy! The beats made me feel like dancing at the same time too. I really love the choreography of the dance and everything. This is the main song that they have been promoting ever since the album is out.. Check out their music video below!

Really like the dance especially when at 2:00 – 2:05! That’s super cute! Hahahahahaha.

02 오페라 (Opera)
When I read the song’s title.. I thought it would be some ballad but when I hit the play button, it shocked me again. Hahaha. Never judge a song but its title again.. If you are a fan of SuJu, you can find one short portion of the background music (around the 40th second) similar to their previous hit song, “Bonamana”. Still, I think the song is quite good :)

03 라라라라 (Be My Girl)
This song reminded me of some Britney Spears’ track, If U Seek Amy. Lol, seriously. Try to listen both song after one another ;p And I have no idea what are they singing yet. Just let me master my language soon to elaborate further. Hahaha I can just sum up a brief review based on the composing, melody and all. Just not the lyrics and the meaning behind the songs yet.

04 Walkin’
Ahhh this is a song that totally reminds me of their previous track again – “No Other”.

05 폭풍 (Storm)
Finally a ballad in the album! It sounded quite similar to their previous track, “Let’s Not” but it still does sound good and soothing.

06 어느새 우린 (Good Friends)
A bubbly song maybe. I can totally imagine them sing and perform this particular song on stage :) This song embraces Super Junior for everything that this group has to offer from awesome singing to snarling whispers, it’s a concise and well-executed blend of all the Super Junior aspects that drives fans crazy.

07 결투 (Feels Good)
I do not know how to comment on this song but if it’s not for SuJu, I would have skip this song in my iTunes. I’m sorry..

08 기억을 따라 (Memories)
I like this ballad! :) I can hear good voices.. I can hear Ye Sung.. I wish I know what are they singing.. Oooh Teacher Natalie please! :) :)

09 해바라기 (Sunflower)
This does sound like a young boy band’s song. It feels like one of their old song. Not referring to any previous track but just a feeling.. Haebaragi, haebaragi~~

10 엉뚱한 상상 (White Christmas)
I read it from the other online articles, this song is actually a remake of TRAX‘s Jungmo “White Christmas”. It was was originally released in 1996 by Jinu. It didn’t feel SuJu to me but I can still picture them singing this on stage during their concerts again with white foam to enhance the whole ambiance and all… :) :)

11 Y
Ahhhh! This is actually composed by Dong Hae and to be honest, this song does sound good! I’m impressed by the composer! :)

12 My Love, My Kiss, My Heart
The last song of the album and it’s a good one too because it is sang by Super Junior K.R.Y! These three guys do sound really good…. :D

There’s an extra track included in this album, Perfection in Korean version as previously found in SJ-M’s chinese album. Ahhh. Why didn’t they include “Superman” in this version because I really like it.. Pfft. Does that mean I will need to buy another version of the album? Oh noes.. I better save up again now T_T

And that is all from me! What do you think of their latest album? Ahhhhh… if only I can get the album autographed by Siwon, I will be mad happy!!! :) :) :) :) But now, I have a problem.. The album is so huge, so where do I keep it exactly? T_T

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