Super Junior World Tour – Super Show 5

What : Super Junior World Tour – Super Show 5, Malaysia 2013
When : 23 November 2013
Where : Indoor Putra Stadium Bukit Jalil

Guess what? My winning luck hasn’t ended! Recently, I’ve just won a pair of tickets to Super Junior’s concert. It was just when I thought I couldn’t make it to their concert this round, I was being informed to have won them! :D :D This time, it was KKbox Malaysia who granted me the tickets. Thank you!

The last concert I attended was Super Show 3 (read the previous post here) and I remembered I went all crazy over Siwon (I still do) because I was placed really near to the stage. This time it wasn’t the same, I was a little further compared to the previous time (not complaining about the seats given) and the stage design was different too. Siwon too, came less to the area I was seated D: I am damn envious of those fans who got close with him at the opposite of me D: D:

This round, I didn’t get much picture but here are a few which are pretty decent to be shared here. Most of them are gonna be Siwon, obviously. And most of Siwon’s pictures are taken during the last song when he finally stood in front of where I was seated. That’s too when I didn’t bother to stay at my original seat and rushed to the front for him! Haha.

Oh yeah, I brought Aunty Natalie along for the concert too.

Btw, this post wouldn’t be a very comprehensive concert coverage but hahaha.. just some photo sharing. So do head over here for their complete song and performance list of the night!

Throughout the whole concert, the guys showed off their manliness via the VCR prepared prior to the concert where they all played the agent and killer roles. Everything was very cool until Siwon popped up in the middle of the stage wearing……… women’s clothes. OMO!!!!! He wasn’t alone. And the four of them danced Sistar’s Alone!

Jaws droppppppppppped!!!!

Spot my Captain America!!!

At SS5 Malaysia, both Leeteuk and Yesung were absent because they were servicing their country but Kangin and Heechul are both back on stage! Can you name all of them above? :D

Shindong, Ryeowook, Sungmin, Kangin, Donghae, Siwon, Kyuhyun, Heechul, Henry, Zhoumi and Eunhyuk. Hehe <3 It was almost very similar to the previous concert's gimmick. The sang, they danced, they showed off their bromance, they joked, they acted cute and all... They cosplayed too. And here's till the end where Siwon was finally near me till the end!!

Then here’s a picture which caught the Donghae and Henry playing around. Hahaha. Donghae slapped Henry to be exact. This was when all of the members came and said goodbye.

And the end.

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