SuJu – Super Show 3!

What : Super Junior – Super Show 3, Malaysia 2011
When : 19 March 2011
Where : Indoor Putra Stadium Bukit Jalil

Weeeeeeeeeeee! I think I really have this luck in Contests because just when I thought I’m going to miss out Super Show 3, I’ve just won myself a pair of tickets from Air Asia via an Instagram contest. I could not explain my mixed feelings of frustration and excitement in getting nice but affordable tickets to having conflicts in attending, then to winning and to seeing them in such a close distance. Seriously, I have been stuck in a roller-coaster alike mood swing due to this and I really need to thank Air Asia for letting me win!! A BIG FAT THANK YOU!! <3 <3

#01 Not only that I need not spend a single cent for the tickets but I also did have very very good seatsssssss. Hahaha however I was only hyped up 30 minutes before the concert when I finally got the tickets on hands. Ahhh got them secured.

Anyway, the pictures of this concert aren’t as great as Jay’s because I was seated on the left of the stage. That is why you will be seeing their profiles more and that most of the time I was busy, trying to shake their hands so cameras are ignored. And sometimes, I was stopped for taking pictures. Pfft. Don’t expect too much from this post k!

#02 See! This is how close I was. Third row from the grill that is stopping us to walk on the stage beside it! And check out the E.L.F drowning in the sea of sapphire blue!

#03 Cindy and I fitting in the crowd with the blur light sticks :)

#04 Jeng jeng jeng. The concert started at sharp 6pm! The opening had all of us screamed till the end of the concert. I’m serious. No other concerts are as ‘screamy’ as this, if only this word exists. Hahaha.

#05 The opening video of Super Junior singing their ever famous song, Sorry Sorry in remixed version. Please ignore the screaming. I think that is me D:

#06 Ahhhh the guys in white!!!! :D :D :D

#07 You see only 9 guys here because another one is being blocked by Yesung. During Sorry Sorry, Siwon’s shoe lace was untied and he kneeled down at one part in the performance to tie it back. So cute………. Hahahaha.

#08 Hehehehehehe Siwon is so cute here. He looks like a starfish here. Hehehehehehe. Oh yah, I forgotten to tell you guys that this is going to be very Siwon biased post! ;p

#09 The next song they sang was Super Girl remixed version in Korean. Their singing was as though they lip-synced. As though… because they sang and danced so well at the same time! <3 The power of K-pop!!

#10 Sungmin, Donghae and SIWONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! I think they were singing Don’t Don then.

#11 This is Sungmin in a better view.

#12 And Ryeowook :)

#13 This is the sweetest concert scene ever! Where do you get cute guys in white flying above you while throwing confetti over you? Ahhh!! This was when they sang their rather new song, No Others. And those were Sungmin and Leeteuk hung up in the air. The Super Leader, Leeteuk was making swimming-like actions as he was coming down, puffing out his cheeks and flapping his arms.

#14 After the song, they aired the  World Intro characters introduction video.  All of them had different characters and they were all really funny! Haha. They came out one by one :) Siwon was the bullfighter that fights with a horse, not a cow. Lol! My horse :) :) :) That red cloth wasn’t supposed to be wrapping him up like that! Hahaha.

Then, Leeteuk the Dubai Prince or something came out laughing and went shouting “Apa khabar Malaysia!” in a very cheeky way. He was taking bottles of water and towels out of his jacket and giving them to fans in the rock pitt. That explained the hands in the photo above. Siwon was walking around with him too.

#15 When all SuJu members were introduced and gather in a line – Shindong, Ryeowook, Sungming, Kyuhyun, Heechul, Yesung, Siwon, Donghae, Eunhyuk and Leeteuk. Hard for you to have them recognised? Aww.. You just need to put in a little love to remember all of them and their very interesting characters!

#16 I have no idea what were they doing when this picture was taken.. Hahaha.

#17 The following song was Confession and that was the first time of the night when the members started walking around the stage. And that was the first time I was THAT close to SIWON! Gosh!! <3 <3 <3 I got to touch his hands <3 <3 <3

#18 Hahahaha Teukie doing a cute dance. Lol I just realised that I’ve got quite a lot of his footage weh.

#19 This is Kyuhyun walking too close and too quick for me to zoom out. Argh. Wasted!

#20 However, I got to capture him in my video while he came over to shake our hands during the song Good Person. Hahahaha he was the only member that I get to shake twice during the night. He was kinda sweet and well mannered. I said so because there was this chubby girl who held his hand for more than 53seconds, and he didn’t just pushed her hands away. Ahhh.. That lucky girl.

#21 Before the solo performances started, they sang Rokkugo, a very cute song although I don’t understand it. During that song, some members were lying on the floor and some other members started to stack on each other. Hahahaha. I remember Heechul was right on top of everyone else. What a scene!

Then, the first solo was performed by Ryeowook singing One Fine Spring Day with Sungmin on the guitar.

#22 The best solo performances of the night was by Kyuhyun! He sang the classic song, 新不了情 and I’m very sure all the girls was touched and melted by his voice. Right, Natalie?

#23 Another starfish spotted on stage – Donghae. Hahahaha this was the duo performance by Donghae and Eunhyuk singing and dancing I Wanna Love You. If was a steamy performances as they both were trying to fight for the girls’ hearts at the same time, slicing the hearts of their fans. What a lucky dancer ;p ;p

At the end of the dance, Eunhyuk took off his jacket and had a black wifebeater underneath. Pfft. SuJu cant take off their clothes in Malaysia. WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, I knew it already. And that’s sad because I don’t get to see Siwon showing off his abs like what he did in ALL other concerts. Ahhhhhh. WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was looking forward for it!

After the duos, Leeteuk appeared up stage with a piano. Gosh. He sang Lee Hom’s Kiss Goodbye and it was bloody good!!!!! :) I never knew he can play the piano and sing THAT well. No pictures or videos were taken then D:

#24 Awwww the most-awaited moment :) Siwon’s solo :) And he sang Looking For The Day :) :) While he was singing, there were clips featuring impoverished children in other countries. It was a touching scene but I was more focused on him, himself. I’m sorry.

#25 <3 <3 <3 <3 max!

#26 Then we have Henry up on stage doing the cutest solo ever!!! He did the Justin Bieber’s baby dance and song. It was soooooooooooooo cute :) :)

Later it was followed up by Sungmin’s solo where he did a sexy dance with the female dancers again – If You Leave Me. And by norm, they should be stripping already….. Pfft. Next was Eunhyuk’s solo that increased lots of screams from the fans! He came out from the stage wearing something really cool. Though we could not see his face, body, figures and lines, he did it very very very well with his body language by dancing Down. All E.L.F was screaming “Lee Hyukjae!” when he was doing his thing!

#27 Guess who! Super Junior-T is here in bling bling singing Tok Tok Tok! Hahahaha. They have really nice sequined tux :) Look at Leeteuk………

#28 ……he was tying up the shoe laces again…

#29 Then all members of SuJu appeared singing You & I again :) OMG. This was when I had at least 2 seconds of eye contact with Siwon. AHHHHHHHHHH <3 <3 <3

The next two performances was the group singing Song For You and Zhou Mi’s solo lip syncing and dancing Ms Chic. I think he can do better than just dancing a female’s song without singing. It feels really weird and I’m surprised by how much fans he has despite me knowing a lot of people not liking him in person.

#30 OHHHHHHHHH Siwon on the screen while they were singing Shake It Up, remixed version again!!! Ahhhh!!!!

#31 And Twins (Knock Out)!!! I like how Siwon dances in this song. I remembered how he danced so well from the last SS2 :) :) :)

#32 All the boys then sat down quietly for some ballad, Love U Hate U and K.R.Y singing In My Dream.

#33 Very pretty LED lights by the fans at the rock pitt!

#34 Later on, they had a Kangin Tribute. I was a little confused in the beginning cause they made the performance erm… a little bit weird. It felt like someone passed away T_________T The members played “invisible” instruments while Kangin appeared in projections.

#35 At the end of the presentation, Kangin blew off the flowers on his palm. And this was what we get in real time. It was goosebumps material.

#36 The boys appeared on the middle stage again after the video presentation. They sang All My Heart. If I am not mistaken, during this song Siwon (the one picking up this outer wear on the ground) went taking polaroid pictures with the fans seated at the VIP area. OMG. Jealous max okay. I brought polaroid camera too!!!!!!! Why it wasn’t mine?!?!?!?!?! D: D:

#37 Anyways, this is one of my favourite pictures. Droooooooooools.

#38 Hahaha the original picture before I cropped it ;p ;p ;p Next, it was Yesung’s solo performance by singing It Has To Be You. That was one sweet performance. He kept smiling all the way and the live video camera actually caught him making smirks that kill!!!! Hahaha.

#39 Then, the boys performed their latest Chinese song 太完美 Perfection.

#40 They were a little bit too far for me to focus, therefore I capture moments of Siwon appearing on the gigantic screen. Lol.

#41 AHHHH! Then followed by their latest Korean hit, Bonamana!!! At this point of time, I guess no fans were sitting down quietly already. Everyone must have jumped out from their seats and start shaking and dancing with the boys. At least I did! :)

#42 As you can see from this video, the boys were singing U and I got to capture Eunhyuk dancing from a very near distance. It was good!

#43 Time for ENCORE! SuJu appeared on stage with the very cute vegetable mascot after a super duper cute video presentation. Ahh! That’s Eunhyuk in mushroom and Kyuhyun in capsicum. Pfft. I didn’t get to snap Siwon in the carrot because he was quite far away when he had it on. He was the first one to remove it, and it was…… really quick.

#44 Hehehe the rest of the boys – Donghae as beansprout, Leeteuk as onion, Shindong as broccoli, Heechul as chili, Sungming as pumpkin and Ryeowook as tomato. In this concert, some of the boys switched their mascots :)

#45 The last two songs before the night ended was Way For Love and Wonder Boy. The boys were given one basket full of plastic balls. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Siwon spend all his time throwing the balls he had to the VIP area. I was told that he was attracted by a toddler there. Hahaha so I shall forgive him! Also, the clumsy horse dropped the basket twice and hence, more balls were wasted. I was hoping that he can come over to my area but he didnt D:

However, Kyuhyun and Donghae came. Some others maybe too but I can’t remember too well. I did not take any pictures or videos when they were near because I wanna fetch the balls! And I’ve got it. I’ve got a red one from Donghae but it was an empty one. Some lucky fans got the autographed ones. Pfft.

#46 Before they ended the night, all of them came up on stage and made a round thanking all the fans who attended Super Show 3 in Malaysia. And I caught 3 blondies in my photo above – Donghae, Yesung and Leeteuk

#47 To another favourite picture of mine. Scream now!!!!! Siwon was looking into my camera!!!!! :D :D :D And he pouted!!! Cindy held the camera and I was holding the polaroid, we both snapped and she got this. OMG. How lucky!! :D :D What a cute expression from him to me :D :D :D Hahaha not forgetting to mention Shindong and Sungming behind him.

#48 The 12 of them including Henry and Zhoumi expressing their thoughts and thanking everyone again. I remember Siwon spoke a lot because he has fluent English. He asked us to pray for Japan too – what a sweet man! Also, Zhoumi showed off a little of his Cantonese and English too.

#49 At first, Heechul didn’t appear on stage. He is always the odd one. But when the fans started to shout for him, he came out with a mask again. I think he was either trying to be different (as usual) or he was trying to hide his wound on his face due to an accident happened in the previous concert. He came out and started making loads of noise. Saying loads of ‘Thank You’s. Then, he stood between Siwon and Ming and started pointing them and said “This is horse!” and “This is pumpkin!”. Lol.

#50 Check out the hot sailor :) Hehehehe in this picture, Henry was thanking everyone in English and was saying that it was great to be in Malaysia. He also mentioned that he actually read his mentions on twitter where 70% of those tweets are from Malaysia, so he’s really happy about that! :D

#51 Ahhhh that was the night. The guys then left the stage. Siwon left D: But while everyone was leaving the stage, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Yesung and Henry were sticking out their thumbs and then showing off to everyone in the stadium. Hahaha cute ehh.

#52 Look at the polaroid I took!! Kyu was so near and this is the best shot of the whole night! Hahaha but I kinda wasted the effort in taking Siwon because he looked away too quick. This was taken during the same time we got him on my digital camera, pouting.

#53 Then a failed polaroid of Leeteuk. He was too fast for the camera. Girls in the picture on the right need no introduction la! Haha.

#54 The red plastic ball I got from Donghae’s hand!! :D :D Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Love the night, love the boys and love the concert. Thank you Air Asia, again for the tickets! I’m now looking forward to their upcoming album as they have announced it in the concert :D I’m also looking forward for future concerts before they start serving their country. MUST GET VIP SEATS BECAUSE SIWON GOES THERE OFTEN!!!! :D :D :D

One word to describe this concert? AWESOME!!! These Koreans are really good!! <3

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  1. I can see that you are really excited. what a lucky girl! you get to touch both of your idols huh! :) :)

  2. gin : right? hahahaha..

    M:D : you just permed it? i think it will take some time for the hair to tame down and for you to get used to it :)

    she : yessssssss!!!

    evelynwann : yes, i guess i am a little. hehe but.. why cant you go? :(

    cindy : DOUBLE AWESOMENESS! <3

  3. yep just. not sure if i can get used to it! cos it makes me look a lot older. :( contemplating to rebond alrdy. sigh :( but urs loook lovely!! :D

  4. hyeee vivien. amagadd !! i also went to ss3. yeaahhh its totally a daebbak show right ? hmm how lucky u !! got the soft ball from donghae and shake hands with khyuyun ahhhh :) hm , can i know how much the price of the free tickets that u get for winning the contest ah?

  5. M:D hmmn but you sure really try it out. try the temporary curls! :)

    najwa : it was AWESOME! :) I’m not sure how much but I’m guessing the tickets with the highest price on sale.

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