One-day Photographer

Last week, I did one of my first times. I became a photographer for a friend of mine during her sweet and simple ROM ceremony. Tho I was feeling really sick that day but I had fun.. I’ve always wanted to do something like this! I’m glad she finds my pictures interesting and nice enough to be the one taking such significant event photos for her.

Here’s some sneak peek of the really sweet-looking decor and stuff :)

These are my favourite picks of the non-human shoots too.

I hope the newly-weds like the photo I took for them and I’m looking forward to take more pictures like these! What do you guys think? Did I do ok for my first attempt? :) :)

3 thoughts on “One-day Photographer

  1. msbulats : hahaha i don’t know if the bride is alright for me to blog about her yet ;p anyways, this happened at Square Dotz cafe at SS2 PJ :)

    priscilla : thank you! i hope to take more too :))

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