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Hello! I’ve just returned from a short weekend trip with my smelly boy and followed by a 2-day seminar. Ahh. Haven’t really recovered the working mood and I think that the weekend trip is not enough to compensate the worn out spirit but the quality time spent together with the significant other in an alien place is priceless and wonderful :)

He came out with the idea and had everything well planned! Initially, this trip was scheduled on the clashed dates with the Jay Chou’s concerts BUT I am so so glad that he actually took the move to change the vacation’s dates so I could attend the concert. How can I not love him right? <3 Before this trip, I had zero idea about the place I was even going. Yes, this is just a local trip but I have to be frank that I haven't really travelled within the country itself. I got really confused with the place we were heading. Pangkor? Teluk Nipah? How big is Pangkor? What about Pangkor Laut? Haha. I feel stupid for not knowing about it. But the turn out was quite a sweet surprise. And so, we took 2 days off from the weekdays so we could spend the trip together, longer duration too. We started the holiday on last Friday morning. We drove ourselves to Lumut and it took us close to 3 hours before reaching to the Lumut's jetty port. We had our car parked at the multi-level parking beside the port and spent another 30 minutes traveling in the ferry to Pangkor. The ferry trip cost us RM10 per person for a round trip. As soon as we reached the jetty port at Pangkor, we were greeted with the salty scent of the sea. It was refreshing, knowing that we were far far away form the city. We then took their super cute pink taxi service to our guesthouse located at Teluk Nipah. The taxi trip cost us only RM15. We checked-in and had a short brief on the ground rules and what's not about the guesthouse later. I should also elaborate about the guesthouse later. Hehe. After settling down, we walked from our guesthouse to the next guesthouse named "Budget something something..." for a motorbike rent. I'm sorry. I cannot recall the name but anyways, the motorbike rent was only RM40 per day. We had it for 2 days and pumped only RM6 worth of petrol!
#01 Here’s the first duo picture we took at a pier nearby and I was looking really pale. I wasn’t feeling the best but the mood was otherwise.

#02 The pier from far. It is located randomly by the beach and road which I spotted during the taxi journey. I told Daryl that we needed to go there because it feels romantic. Lol.

#03 White tree branches by the shore. Romantik sungguh.

#04 We too, took short strolls by the beach. Haha first thing we did after renting the bikes!


#06 We then took the bike and went to an internet-recommended cafe nearby. It was “Daddy’s Cafe”. It was described as good food served by the beach. And it turns out to be exactly as described on the net!

#07 I ordered the “Trio Master” on their dinner menu. It was the combination dish of tiger prawns, mackerel another fish I forgot again, complimented with potatoes and vegetables. Main point? The awesome sweet and sour sauce! The whole dish was super appetising and the price is very reasonable too. I paid only RM38 for this and I doubt I can find the same dish here in KL with that price. I had their orange juice and it was super refreshing and nice too.

On the other hand, Daryl ordered some surprisingly nice chicken satays too! We thought everything would taste commercially OK to the foreigners but we were wrong. The food at the cafe taste so nice!!!!! The only thing I hated about the meal was the flies. According to the staff, it was the flies’ season hence their major appearance in the island. Fishermen love them because flies are said to be good signs of fruitful fishing results. I don’t know about it but I was feeling really frustrated throughout the whole meal that I had to create another dish to distract the flies away. Grrrr.

#08 Nevertheless, everything else was great. I love the view and environment of the cafe where we literally dine on the beach! I think the cafe is also the hanging out spot for the foreigners as well. So many of them were there while we dine in.

#09 Later the evening, we headed back to the guesthouse and on our way back, we saw a bunch of people and a bunch of hornbills too! It was the hornbills’ feeding session. Everyone there was welcome to join in, and for pictures too! Look at them on the electricity wires. We then ended the day by swimming in the pool <3 Weather there during the day and night can really differ a lot! It's super hot in the morning and super cold at night!
#10 Now, here’s to introduction of the guesthouse we checked in. It’s a cottage themed guesthouse named – Nipah Gueshouse. It is run by a friendly couple, Anuar and Alicia who speak fluently in both Malay and English. They were very warm and their hospitality were great. They managed to make us feel just like home when we were there :) They have a cute little daughter, Aila who runs around the guesthouse too.

At the guesthouse, you can cook your own meals provided that you clean the dishes up, just like your home. Ingredients for breakfast are prepared by the couple and fridge was provided in the kitchen to store your food. Beach mats were provided too.

They are on Facebook so you can add them if you wish to know more about them. Link here.

#11 Besides, they have a little kitty who runs the place too. Meet Foxy, the cat which sleeps everywhere I go. Haha.

#12 I really like the effort and the little details of decorations they couple did to their place. This corner was found in the dining area where a lot of antiques stuff were at showcase.

#13 Welcome aboard! :D

#14 Our motorbike helmets and a random beach ball on the entrance’s bench.

#15 During breakfast, a few hornbills came by for the bread we placed on the wall to lure them. I think this is the papa hornbill. He actually took only three pieces of the bread and flew off. We were assuming that he took one piece for the mama and baby hornbill each.

#16 Here’s a side view of the cottage houses we stayed in. So cute right!

#17 In the guesthouse, there are 4 A-framed cottages like these, 1 family cottage house and another 4 normal guesthouses. Therefore, the bookings are always full! Haha. If you are interested to check in the place, book way advance :)

#18 And a view of the newly added swimming pool! :D

#19 See what I meant by their decoration effort! A nicely made room.. and I guess it was the store room or toilet. Haha I can’t remember again.

#20 Here’s us us in our cottage house, number 2! Managed to get this snapped by another foreign guest.

Inside the A-frame cottage house, there’s bed, TV and toilet like any other guesthouse. Except that it does not have water heater shower which happens to be a torture for me because I get hot water shower during the day and bloody cold shower at night T_______T Besides, they have a mini attic on top! An indoor stairs were made for us to climb up to the little attic and balcony. I climbed only once and that’s enough for me. Lol.

#21 A random visitor, Yoo Jae Suk! Haha.

#22 On the second morning of the trip, we headed to the beach of walking distance from Nipah Guesthouse. Enquired about the island hopping and decided to go with a package that included seeing Pangkor Laut from a distance (because only their guest can land on the island), some very cute stones seeing and stopping by Coral Island.

#23 There were only two of us plus the boat drive on board! Talk about privacy :)

#24 There, we really get to see a lot of natural stones in funny funny shapes. They have got stones that look like alligator, turtle, cherry and etc.

#25 That’s part of Pangkor Laut’s resort from far!

#26 More stones.. I actually like the tri-tone colours on them! Remind me so much of ice cream. Lol.

#27 The sea was so clear that you can actually see the corals (the black spots) and they are actually at a reachable depth. We can actually stand in the middle of the sea!

#28 And here’s Coral Island. A small island with a reggae themed bar and BBQ pit. Hehe.

#29 Just me, trying to put on the mat but the strong wind was against it.

#30 Picking up some shells and sand.

#31 Us us <3

#33 Shitting by the beach! Hahahaha that pile of “shit” is actually an alive sea cucumber.

#34 And here, this was actually us standing in the middle of the SEA and not by the shore but the photographer can only take till this extend. The whole boat trip cost us RM200 for 2 hours, only us and nobody else.

#35 After that, we headed back and out again to the town! The town is just 10-15 minutes away from the guesthouse, with motorbike!

#36 Hahaha it was actually both our first experience wandering around the island with just a motorbike like this. Haha. And we look totally touristy with bags and cameras around us while on the bike.

#37 Shadows of the ah beng and ah lian tourists.

#38 We had a nice Chinese seafood lunch in the town and headed next to Fu Lin Temple for a jalan-jalan.

#39 There at the temple, they have miniatures of the “Great Wall of China”.

#40 Later, we went back to the beaches at Teluk Nipah. We wanted to dine again at the Daddy’s Cafe but it was fully occupied. So we chillax by the beach.

#41 The legs, while on the beach swing.


#43 We were there till sunset <3
#44 Like said, it was the gathering spot for the foreigners. They were there, relaxing by the beach with books and mp3.

#45 Here’s a picture of the pastel sunset capture over dinner at the Rasa Sayang Restaurant which serves good ikan bakar. Then, we called it the day. Then we started of the following day with a round trip around the whole Pangkor island with the motorbike. It was fun and exciting :D Round and round the town and beaches then stopped by the fishermen’s village for some souvenirs.

#46 Here’s a last picture of us with the A-frame cottage house! :D Overall, it was a very relaxing trip where we slept and woke up really early for the beach and motorbike ride. Not forgetting the food and fresh seafood too. The trip could be longer but I think there are no more new things to do there besides fishing. Haha! And yay, all these pictures were taken with my new DSLR <3 <3 I've finally got one myself!!! :D :D

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  1. Hi, may i know what camera and what apps you use to edit all your pic in this post, your photo looks amazing :)

  2. msbulat : hahahaha thank you!

    she : cute and cosy i would say :)

    carlie : i used Canon EOS600D for this set of pictures and edited them manually in Adobe Photoshop.

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