The Birthday Surprise and Gifts

This is definitely a delayed post I owe the readers :) Not blogging about the Rainbow Rendezvous party anymore but I’m going to blog about the surprise I received on the next day which was also my actual birthday plus the gifts I’ve got this year.

I did not celebrate my birthday on the actual date this year because it fell on a Wednesday and I have Korean classes on Wednesday (and I cant skip them). So on my birthday, I still had to go to work and class like normal days. Unlike last year, my colleague did not make me tear with their huge surprise and gathering in the Japanese restaurant. Unlike anybody else birthday, they did not prepare me a cake. However, I knew there was going to be something but I just cant name it.

On the same night, I had a movie premier by Nuffnang to attend to, which I have invited one of my colleague along too. So after work, I headed straight for class. And was all prepared for the movie later. But tricks and lies started off by the colleagues as soon as my class ended. The one who is supposed to watch the movie with me called me and told me she was waiting in a particular place for me. I looked for her and we both gathered. When we was about to head to our cars, she claimed that she lost her credit card during the dinner she had earlier with “someone else”.

I calmly walked to her and told her to call the bank. But she insisted that we walked from Fahrenheit to Pavilion for the lost card. I followed and we headed to a Japanese restaurant in the food court’s level.

#01 Surprise! From the left; Amanda, May, Rachel, Melissa, Shyen Ze and I :)

The girls from my team were there! Hahahahahaha I was surprised by them but I had more other thoughts in head and it all made me fail to transmit my surprise to facial expression. I was thinking, “Wow you girls are really here and you girls didn’t forget my birthday! Oh wait.. I need to cancelled my attendance for the movie premier…” Hahahaha and they thought I didnt appreciate the birthday surprise then T_T Not true.

I appreciated it, very much in fact. I love surprises but surprises are what I rarely get because I’m always too conscious with the happenings besides me that make me suspect everything in action. And I can almost smell them before they happen. However, there were still a few surprises the friends did earlier which I had totally no idea before hand (like buying me the E1 Canon camera, 4 years back!!!!)

I just want to thank you girls again and again for the effort, time and love <3 I want to thank everyone who prepared me gifts too!

#02 The dear colleagues prepared a balloon, half a dozen of cupcakes from Delectables, and gifts for me. It was so sweet, they named me Vivien Choi, my “stage name” (LOL?) I always use in the office and during work.

#03 They cakes were so lovely and sweet, literally :)

#04 They also prepared me a few small and sweet gifts for me which I like a lot. I always liked the luggage tag (because its in turquoise) and they noticed :) Not only these, another colleague of mine – Advan, also got me something really fun and cool. He got me a retro POP phone handset for my iPhone. I havent figure out how to use it yet, but he already planned it out for me! :)

Here are more gifts I’ve received during the previous night’s rainbow party too;

#05 An iPhone 4s (?) from Cindy, the bff.

#06 And guess what are inside the cheating box? Hand painted magnets of the iPhone apps!!!!!!! That girl put in so much effort and time just for my gift!!!! I was (and still is) totally touched by it!!!!

#07 No wonder she asked if I had a magnetic board during our Ikea shopping and has been always checking on my phone. She tried to remember the apps I had and paint it all out. Awww <3 So sweet and creative is that! I love you Cindy, very much! Thank you!!! I hope you like the gift I prepared you too.

#08 Then an autographed album by Nicholas Teo! A gift from his fan, Pui Yeen who remembered that I love his new song very much. Thank you for the limited edition gift you claimed to be! :)

#09 I also had a mini notebook from Peggy, a hand cream from Wan Wei and floral clutch from adik Natalie. Thank you!

#10 A polka dot dress from Ginny and a “mysterious” gift from both Ginny and adik too. Silly them, they shouldn’t have because the gifts are good enough. Awww they are just so lovely <3 <3

#11 Pretty bangles from Yong Tze <3

#12 A set of make up brush from the make up artist friend, Lie Peh. Thank you, I will make them useful! :) I had more gifts from the others too but there are just too much to be shared here. Thank you for the masks, birthday cards, wines, trousers, high ankle shoes, Super Junior album, polaroid albums from Korean, red packets, pink water bottle and so on.. Thank you <3 <3

This is why I love birthday <3 <3

#15 So much memories, love and polaroids from the lovely girls <3 <3

#14 And the very very sweet birthday messages and wishes too. I love all of you!! <3 <3

#15 Hello Carmen! If you are reading this, the girls have prepared you something too! Come back and claim them all from your bffs :) :)

Thank you all, again <3 <3

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  1. J : I don’t think they are branded. Just basic brushes :)

    she : yeah! I think so too!

    simon : hold a birthday party!! hehehehe..

    agnes : thank you :)

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