The Search for the “Malaysia Jay Chou” is On!

As you all have already know, Jay Chou will be holding his upcoming concert “Opus 2” in Malaysia this 14 & 15 November. Need more deets? Click on my previous post here. And to that, the main presenter of the concert, Mah Sing will be giving away complimentary tickets worth thousands of ringgit, in conjunction with the Group’s 20th anniversary celebration aiming to provide Malaysians with the opportunity to enjoy the concert.

Jay Chou lookalikes, fans and singing enthusiasts of both sexes can participate by submitting their Jay Chou Look-alike photo into the Mah Sing Facebook. The participants must aspire to capture the cool look of Jay Chou in their pictures to garner votes. They must show their commitment to win the tickets by encouraging their friends to vote for them. The top 20 finalists with the highest number of votes will be selected with the approval of the Mah Sing’s management team. Public voting ends on October 18.

The final level requires a dash of creativity and tech savviness to out-beat the contestants to win the title. The 20 selected finalists will move on to prepare a convincing video on why they deserve to win the VIP experience and best seats in Jay Chou concert. The public will vote for the video that tugs at their heartstrings. Based on the public votes and video’s creativity, the contest organiser will select the most unique and exciting video as the winner. Closing date for the video submission is October 31. Announcement of the winner will take place in the first week of November.

On being crowned the “Malaysian Jay Chou,” the winner will win a pair of tickets, which are the best seats worth RM1,776, in Jay Chou’s “Opus 2 Jay World Concert” in November. In addition, you might win the chance to be pampered with a limo ride to the concert and cash bonus of RM2,000!!! Woots!

I won’t be missing out, and I don’t see why you should too! Submit your Jay Chou lookalike photo here now and stay tuned for details in the Mah Sing Facebook here.

Psst! There are more Jay Chou concert contests here and here too :D :D Don’t say I never tell you all! Hahaha. Join ’em all today!!

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