The Viral Factor Movie Filming in Malaysia [2]

Oh yeah, I stalked Jay Chou during his movie filming again! This was the second time after the stalking at Jalan Raja Chulan as blogged here. This time, the movie crew were filming at Jalan Pudu, right in front of Pudu Plaza! My friend got to know about his whereabouts coincidentally and I was informed about it too, on the same morning. It was a last minute plan to stalk Jay with my mum and a friend of mine.

#01 The first scene of the day took place in the pharmacy.

#02 I zoomed my camera lens all the way in to capture Mr Chou, standing at the door side waiting for the camera to roll.

#03 At first, I thought those policemen were real and they were there to take care of the set. Heck no, they were actually actors of small roles in the movie! Hahahaha.

#04 Jay walking out from the pharmacy with a bag of medicines.

#05 Check out the crowd on site. There were so many people but most of them are people who worked and stayed around the area. All middle aged crowd who came to see…….. Nicholas Tse because he is not hot in news. Everyone asked if Cecelia, the wife is around. Seriously, most of them cannot recognise Jay Chou with that beard and that look on him! Fans? Probably only me and my friend! :)

#06 There were also plenty of paparazzi from Hong Kong! And because I was carrying a camera too, a lot of uncles and aunties asked if I were one of them too T_T

#07 Jay was so nearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Just a distance of a car away!

#08 There was once he looked up and saw both my friend and I. I think he recognise his own brand and clothes, Phantaci because my friend was wearing it! Hehehe. I should have wore my Phantaci cap too!

#09 He was so near and I was so excited. I had the urge to shout for his name but I cant. I had the urge to run up to talk to him but I know I cant. I will screw the whole filming and they will blacklist me from the filming set. I was controlling, and it was real hard. Hahaha.

#10 Ahh. A story telling picture!

#11 Run Jay, run!!! If you noticed, his left wrist was bleeding. Fake okay.

#12 Because they took quite a lot of shots for that scene, we had a chance to record it a little. The chubby cheeks you are seeing in the middle of the video belong to me and see, that was how close………….. Disbelief.

Police, “The guy in green, stop right there!”

#12 It was 3 hours later when Nicholas Tse turned up. The guy in black singlet, showing off tattoo on the right arm! Seriously, the crowd got excited when he appeared… Then again, it was because he and his marriage news are currently the headline of many newspapers.

#13 When he turned up, they shot another scene. I think this scene is going to come before the previous scene taken. Like Jay is supposed to drive the car with Nicholas Tse inside, then to the pharmacy but yeah, movie filming doesnt follow the movie’s scene by sequences.

#14 Ahhhhh… The crews blocked my view T_T I cant snap anything but I could witness it myself la. During the shoot, Jay had to hop in the car and reverse the car quickly. AWWWWWWWW I cannot believe that I actually saw Jay drove a car, on the street of KL… with my own eyes!!!! Hahaha.

He took 4-5 takes and one of the takes, he failed reversing. I think he forgotten to change the car’s gear that’s why the car did not move. The crowd was mean. They boo-ed him. Pffft. Lousy crowd. He drove and braked so quickly in the last take, he left the brake marks on the road!! Ahhh!!! Hahaha.

#15 The next scene that took place was Jay rushing up the car while avoiding gun shots from the policeman earlier. And picture above showed the crew preparing and touching up his “wound”.

#16 I wanna be the girl who touched his hands……… Hahahahaha. Anyway, the first gun shot did frightened me.It was so loud. Ahhhh and did I mention that I’m envious of the extra actors and actresses on set. I wanna be on of them. I don’t mind having no pay or waiting. I would stay under the sun or rain to be in the same movie with Jay! Hahahaha. Those teens who acted as passerby and screamed during gun shots are freaking lucky. I hate you all.

There was a talent casting going on before the movie filming and I did not know about it. I seriously hate you all D: D:

Anyways, I can tell what’s gonna be on screen briefly based on the few shots taken that day. Basically, Jay Chou drove the wounded Nicholas Tse to the pharmacy for medicines and so. However, there was a girl who someone recognise Jay for some reasons and she reported it to the policeman. Then, the policeman released gun shots towards Jay who was escaping. Jay avoided the chase, gun shots and got up the car with Nicholas. Then they left. Something like that la… I seriously can’t wait to watch the movie in cinema already…

During the 5th hour of stalking, it began to rain. I’m not sure if it was the rain or it was the real schedule, Jay left the set and went to his resting van. My friend and I chased up without thinking and hence the video below.

#17 That was me who screamed for him. I swear he looked up to our direction, looked back down and waved. I melteddddddddddddd. I was too excited, I moved my hand and camera, and missed his face in the video when he looked up. Pfft.

My friend and I then later waited outside his van at a safe distance for an hour. He did not come out. He was in the van for an hour till Nicholas came up as well. My mum, the blur and lucky lady was walking to the same direction, didnt realise Nicholas and the body guards were behind until they walked past by. She then waved to Nicholas and said, “Hello Zhe Ting Fung!” and he replied, “Hello” with a wave too. Hahaha. My mum remarked that he was very polite! :)

And yeah, we only got to see Jay when both the stars were leaving the set. When Jay walked down from the van to his car. I was right beside the car and at that point of time, I didn’t want to take pictures… I just wanted to see him clearly. I don’t know when is my next lucky chance to be that close weh…

I seriously cannot deny how lucky was I on last Sunday. Ahahahhaha. I can’t wait for the next movie filming in town although I have no idea when and where it is going to happen. I shall just keep my finger crossed and wait. Ahhh!! :) :)

There is another thing that I would like to bring up! Because I was one of the very few fans on set and that I get to take “exclusive” pictures, there are a few people who have already started to circulate the videos without returning my credit and watermark. Sigh. I was kinda pissed off in the beginning but I thought again… They all did these because I have good takes of Jay Chou so, I shall be proud of it! :D But it does not mean the rest of you can do the same la. I welcome you to share the pictures and videos but please do not claim it as yours okay……. because my face and voice appeared in both the videos. You cant cheat! ;p

p/s : I found this news video today and I saw myself in it! I’m the girl who was fixing her hair, in white at 0:54! Lol! I’m in the same video with Jay! Hahahaha.

17 thoughts on “The Viral Factor Movie Filming in Malaysia [2]

  1. Thanks for the pic..since you have tag your site on the picture. Hope you dont mine if I reposr on weibo…thanks again..

  2. Fantastic .. ..!! 仿佛感觉到我们也身在其中!辛苦你了.. ..! very much appreciate ..!!

  3. sharon : Hehehe I saw it already and its fine! :)

    simon : I’m not sure about it because his wrist was already wounded. Maybe he was injured by gun shot. I don’t know… let’s just wait for the movie! :D :D

    ww : Hi! Sorry but I seriously have no idea now..

    laus : Yes, I consider myself lucky actually! :D :D :D

    nee : 不辛苦!:)

  4. wow! He’s so close Yet so far! Arghhhh! The temptation to run up to him and hug him!!!!! I can feeel it from here, cannnot imagine if I am there…. U can resist, not bad!!!!!!

  5. my cousin evon was actually offered for the casting. but she didnt want it cuz the pay was too low hahahah

  6. jessy : yeahhhhhhhhhhh. hahaha it was for his and my own good la. i dont want to make noises and affect the whole movie thingy and I dont wanna look out of control too! hahaha.

    cindy : yerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. i want!! D:

  7. i’m soooo jealous!!!!!!!

    if you happen to know about Jay’s whereabouts for the next few days, would you please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please share?
    i’m off from work til next week..
    i would soooooooo love to see him!!!

    i can give you my number somewhere… you can text me!

  8. caelysha : i wish i know in advance. well, you can always follow me in my twitter too! :)

    ww : no problem.

    serenity : you will get the chance! i’ve wait for ages!! :D :D

  9. hey..I was at the CapSquare yesterday..only get to see Nicholas..but not Jay..I guess he’s preparing for Jolin’s concert here?

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