Then, Twenty Eleven

It’s the last day of 2011 already and of course, this will be my last post of the year too! A short brief and review of what significant events that have taken place in my life throughout the whole year.

#01 I’ve picked up a new language, Korean <3
And I’ve to admit I was definitely influenced by the Hallyu Wave and Super Junior to learn Korean language. I’m in the Elementary 1 class right now after 7 months of classes in ICLS. I wanna take this chance to thank my tuition teacher, Natalie too! <3 I will work harder! On top of that, I’ve also becoming more into the whole Hallyu world and stuffs. I start to listen to K-pop and even fall in love with the variety show, Running Man. I’m so into the show that I’ve neglected so many of other reality shows and drama I used to watch all day :D

#02 Learn dancing too!
To be honest, I do not think I have talent in this but it is something I’ve always wanted to try since I was still in my teenage. I’m still not good at it but I enjoy every Tuesday’s class with Cindy, the classmates and the silly teacher. Haha, we were given a chance to perform during a dance school’s party too.

#03 Arrival of a new family member.
Just one month before I reach the age of 23, our family had an addition of one more new member – Aden Lim! We have a big age gap that is more like a mother and son’s age gap. LOL. Anyway, he is a cute little boy that looks just like his elder brother, Ivan boy.

Here are 2 pictures I’ve took of him yesterday :)

#04 Quit eyeliner.
LOL! It’s actually quite a challenge to me who was totally depending on an eyeliner on a daily basis. I never go out without it because without it, my eyelid sticker would be visible to all. However, I’m getting sick of myself with eyeliner already and I’m now loving the natural make up though I look pale and younger. Hehe.

#05 Attended 6 wedding receptions!
A new record of friends and colleagues’ wedding in a year I’ve attended. There are actually 2 events that I could not make it, else it would be 8 then. That’s a scary figure and it just come stop increasing on the following year. I think it’s just a sign of us growing older. Seeing the friends getting married and giving birth to babies are just scary because I’m still…………… single T_T

#06 Attended 7 concerts!
That’s another new record I’ve achieved. Lol! Out of the 7 concerts, only 2 are paid – Jay Chou The Era and LOUD Festival. The rest are either prizes or gifts! :D I’m so gonna turn this blog to a concert blog soon! I have to admit that I really do enjoy concerts and blogging about them. I’m looking forward to attending more concerts next year.

#07 Winning prizes!!!!!!!!!!!
As I was typing these, I was also comparing things I’ve done this year than to the previous years. I remember I used to blog and share about my winning experiences each year and as I thought I won nothing this year, the previous point reminded me that I DID! I’ve won one pair of VVIP tickets to Jay Chou’s The Era Concert, one pair of seated tickets to Super Show 3 (and the seats were fabulous!) and 4 passes to Super Junior and f(x) Meet-the-fans session. Nothing as big as smartphones, car or computer but I’m very grateful too! :D

#08 Bought a property…
Still in the midst tho. Hahaha. I’m in the midst of buying up the current property I’m staying in. Everything is almost there, I just need the developer to sign on the document and I wont need to bear with the landlord’s dishonest and ignorance! I can’t wait!!!

Yeah, I had a simple one this year. Nothing impact or special happened but at least I’m happy :D I’m looking forward to 2012 with more interesting stuff. I want to have more time for everything, I want to get involved more in blogging and the industry unlike this year. I’ve been inactive and boring. Besides, I  wish for good health for everyone sincerely. I wish for peace. I wish for love too :D

Happy new year! Happy 2012 to all readers! :D

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