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Wee! Finally I get to update my blog decently. I’ve bought a new router at home, just that I have yet to get it set up. Just wait patiently and I will once again spam my blog with lotsa updates. And here, I’ve got tons of photos taken in USS during last Tuesday to share :) Oh yah, all pictures are edited in Adobe Photoshop by adding a blue filter on all of ’em.

#01 That’s the sign of Sentosa!!! We started our journey as early as 9am so that we could finish all the rides before 6pm! :)

#02 The ticket to USS, I actually thought it would be cuter.. Hmmn..

#03 The tourist picture in front of the Universal globe! You must take a picture with the globe or not your trip would be wasted and not… recognized ;p

#04 That’s the reunion of the trio!!!!! Babi Carmen and Cindy!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

#05 With the pretty cousin, Elaine.

#06 And here, we have my little cousin Kaiwen who was posing with her signature “Double Peace’s” pose for every photo we snapped. We were teasing her with the pose whole time! Hahahaha it was cute on her tho.

#07 Kaiwen’s mama who is also my youngest aunt :)


#09 The group who went to USS on a very early Tuesday morning. From the left; Sean the cousin brother, Aunt Janet, Aunt Amy, Kaiwen, my very cute grandma, yours truly, cousin Elaine, Carmen, Cindy and Luiz! Half of all my favourite people on earth! :)

#10 The youngsters posing before entering the scariest ride of my life. OMG. They freaking told it was gonna be a fun ride but heck no, the was the worst ride. I will never enter the pyramid for the ride anymore!! OMG! Never. I made me tear so badly. I felt like I was dying for every time the ride moved. I was so terrified that I could not even open my eyes or open up my lungs to scream for help. I was helpless the whole time. Damn it. No more roller coaster for me. Officially my phobia.

#11 They then asked me to join some kiddo ride to cool down. I just cant. I needed to recollect my energy and hype after the ride… which took me quite a while. I stoned for quite some time after it. Pfft. That’s Carmen and Cindy – the big kiddo’s on the Dino-soaring ride.

#12 Me, feeding myself to the dead dino. Haha. Lame, I know.

#13 Us with the very very cute potion bottled drink. They weren’t cheap. SGD15 for one drink like this but it was worth it la. Love the fruit punch I had :9

#14 Happy plaited girls in USS :D

#15 Plaited dinos in egg shells. Roar!!!!! People said we looked like sisters. Do we?

#16 We can haz moustache!!!

#17 Random picture of my camera rainbow strap in grayscale + red colour mode.

#18 I found Pinocchio in USS!

#19 Camwhoring while waiting for everyone else who were taking some kids’ sized roller coaster. No, I wasn’t there. They are equally scary to me. I have to say my little cousin really has the guts. She wasnt even near to nervous while taking those crazy rides. Oh sigh.

#20 My favourite ride in USS! We spent 30 minutes or more to wait for our turns but we ended up having fun in it for less than 5 minutes. But nevermind, it was really fun! A little bit scary but still fun and wet. hahaha. The girl in raincoat with her hands up for peace is me!

#21 The quite-lame merry-go-round. Hahaha. Just for fun. And guess what was I sitting on? An old granny. Pfft.

#22 The youngsters posing with the casts of Madagascar! 1,2,3 MADAGASCAR!

#23 Us again, this time posing with Charlie Chaplin!

#24 We strolled and took quite a number of pictures with the familiar and fun backgrounds in Hollywood after all those crazy rides. We were dead tired already. We took our own sweet time to buy ourselves some souvenirs later on. I bought only one fridge magnet for myself as I was on a budgeted vacation and that those stuff were not cheap..

#25 Somewhere outside USS, they have tons of candy shops. OMG. This Candylicious shop drove me crazy with their variety of chocolates. M&M’s alone have made me nuts. They do not only sell the chocolate but also, they have fleeces, bags, clothes, utensils, stationery and many more………. Gosh. I wish I can own all of them. Not too bad, I bought myself a very very cute M&M’s bowl. Shall share it in my blog soon.

And that’s the end of my Tuesday trip in USS. We left the place at approximately 7pm for dinner. Pffft. The crowd was crazy. So was the weather. I could not explain how tired was I the on the next day. I could barely walk and I actually denied the offer to shop in one of my favourite place, Bugis. Pffft. My ass hurt. I guess it was just me because of the scary ride that I was forced in. Ahh ahh. Minus all the pain and tired, it was really fun!!! <3 I am now officially USS-ed!!

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  1. nat : DID I!??! Hahahahahaha. I don’t even remember it now ;p

    daren : thank you :)

    she : oh no. please dont laugh at me. it’s sad D:

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