Up-ily Ever After

What: Timothy and Audrey’s UP themed Wedding
When: 28 July 2012
Where: Straits Quay Convention Centre, Penang

First it was the meme proposal that went viral on the internet, local and international media. Now, here’s a sequel of their very sweet wedding video :D

Simple but really sweet and touching <3 <3

#01 By far, this is the cutest wedding invite I’ve gotten!

#02 One of the very sweet photos by the couple, Timothy and Audrey whom are now officially married to each other :) The lovely picture was taken from Hui Wen‘s blog during their Registration of Marriage, taken place one day before the wedding reception.

#03 Daryl and I preparing for the wedding reception. I was really glad that they have invited me to witness the one very significant event of their life :) I travelled hours from KL to Penang with le boyfriend and family, had a short makan trip with them and attended one of the cutest weddings!

Here are some pictures taken during the night. Wanted to get polaroids but the batteries decided to die T_T

#04 I like how the couple’s idea in decorating the whole event space with balloons and mock up scenes from the Pixar cartoon, UP. Here’s a cute mailbox as one of the wedding decorations.

#05 Besides a guestbook, they had this one big poster for us to leave our colourful thumbprints too!

#06 How is it UP when there isn’t any floating house with lotsa balloons! :D

#06 Picture credit to Huai Bin! I actually didn’t take a lot of pictures during the wedding reception because I just wanted to enjoy the food and the atmosphere. Took only a few with the people around me. And because the newly-wed couple was really busy during their day, I managed to take only one with them, with their own photographer. Shall upload it as soon as I see it around :)

#07 The colourful lanterns which brighten up the whole atmosphere of the convention centre.

#08 The wedding gift for each and every guest of the event.

#09 I was seated with Ginny, Pinkpau, Kenny Sia who are all paired up and another friendly couple whose names I’ve forgotten. Sorry T_T And it was a waste that I’ve not taken any pictures with the people I met there! So many faces I haven been seeing for ages!

#10 Le boyfriend and I.

The whole wedding reception was really nice. The food was good. The music was awesome too! I really like attending wedding dinners. It is really touching to witness the everything of couple’s journey as usually, they story them well in the wedding slideshows. I particularly enjoyed their wedding presentation! :D I like the graphics Chee Ching did too!

Now I can’t wait to attend another two weddings of my closest colleagues in the company this year end already. And many more to come. I cannot deny that I’m aging already. More and more weddings are happening around <3 I know I've said this many times to the couple but allow me once more.. CONGRATULATIONS and have a blessed marriage :D :D And did I mentioned that I really like the pre-wedding pictures you guys took with One Way Ticket! :D

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