Vivien Sam 101

Hello there! If you wish to know about me, read on these 101 points!

001 My name is Vivien Sam Kah Wei but it is stylized to Vvens when I started blogging
002 Looking like a typical Asian, I’m looking a lot younger than my actual age
003 The age count starts from November 1988
004 I was brought up in a single-parent family
005 My family and I resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
006 I’m married to Daryl Loke on 10 February 2017 after 5 years of courtship
007 We are expecting our first born on January 2019
008 We both pawrents to a white Pomeranian, @soju.pom
009 I spent 11 years of early education in Sekolah Sri Garden
010 I graduated from Taylor’s College
011 I’m a Diploma holder of Mass Communication
012 I started working before completion of my studies
013 My second job in an exhibition company lasted 5 years and 10 months
014 I’m currently working for Vonvon. Inc
015 I love travelling, EXTREMELY
016 If travelling was free, you probably won’t see Daryl and I around anymore
017 I like taking photographs
018 I use Canon EOS M100 for pictures in my blog
019 I’m an Instagram addict
020 I have a special affection for gadgets in white
021 And a huge affection for monotone outfits
022 I’m the biggest fan of Jay Chou and I will follow him until he loves me
023 I have a full collection of his discography
024 I attended most of his concerts in Malaysia
025 I’ve won myself a chance for a photo opportunity with him too!
026 I learned basic Chinese characters’ reading through his songs
027 I’m a karaoke person
028 I love K-pop and K-dramas too
029 “Running Man” and “Superman Returns” are my all-time favourite!
030 I learned Korean language to watch the above programmes
031 I’ve attended a 1-month language course in Korea University, Seoul
032 I’m really picky when it comes to eating
033 I can never take spicy food
034 I am not a drinker either
035 I own a driving license and have been driving independently since 2008
036 I have a certain fear for heights
037 I used to be very afraid of dogs
038 Ice cream makes me a happy girl!
039 Chocolate would make everything work too!
040 I’m a total cry baby
041 I’m a TV buff and grew up with TVB series
042 My best friends are Scorpios
043 I’m secretly a jealous friend
044 I adore children
045 I adore organising parties
046 I adore attending parties
047 I have a passion in decorating for themed parties too!
048 My eyebrows are not real. They are embroidered brows.
049 My eyelids are imbalanced T_T
050 I can’t sleep without air-conditioner
051 I can’t sleep without socks
052 Do not pick up calls after 12am
053 I am bad at typing on phones
054 But I’m a better typist on keyboards
055 I could type without seeing them!
056 I collect Starbuck’s paper cups
057 I collect boxes of all sizes
058 I’m bad in remembering phone numbers
059 I’m bad in sewing
060 I have a great sense of direction
061 I’m a human-GPS to my mother
062 I have only two ear piercings. One on each side.
063 Did I mention about Jay Chou already?
064 Ooh! I really fancy Choi Si Won too <3 <3 065 I’ve got serious OCD on documents’ alignments
066 I’m a Taobao-addict. I can buy so many things from the site!!
067 I no longer take coffee
068 I’m more to a Yakult-person now
069 And I fancy edible rainbow stuff too
070 I’m a fan of 9gag
071 I like using emoji when I’m out of thinking capacity
072 My car is named after Jay Chou’s participating in Initial D movie – Chou Tofu
073 It’s a white Perodua Myvi and I think the name suits it perfectly
074 I name most of my gadgets
075 The laptop I’m using is called MacNuggets
076 I protect and maintain my gadgets well
077 I have ugly nails
078 I like taking pictures against busy background and having the bokeh effect
079 Do not throw things to me. I can’t fetch. LOL
080 I like to eat grilled garlic
081 It’s very unlikely that you will see me in heels
082 Not sure if I snore, but I dream every night
083 Blue pen over black pen
084 Summer is my least favourite season
085 I have a fatty neck, some strong genes inherited from the moms of my family
086 My neck grows fat first whenever I gain weight
087 I like shopping in Bangkok and Seoul
088 I’m glad shopping in KL is different, or else I would have been broke
089 I was afraid of dogs prior to having Soju.
090 I’m cracking my head thinking of the next 10 points
091 I wish to have looks like Song Ji Hyo
092 She’s my favourite member from “Running Man”
093 I love durian <3 094 I love Famous Amos’ soft cookie chocolate chip with no nuts!
095 I dislike nuts!
096 Hipster and industrial inspired cafes never fail to amuse me
097 Alphabet-shaped food are adorableeeeeeee
098 Cooking is not my forte but I never stop trying
099 I don’t like how I sound in videos T_T
100 I started blogging since school time (I blogged about stalking my crush)
101 I has been 12 years since I own

Last update : 19 September 2018

11 thoughts on “Vivien Sam 101

  1. googled opus 12 & found ur website…..actually looking for complete tracks for opus 12….thanks to u now I got them….
    cant help but read ur ‘oh-so-cute’ website….
    i guess u name ur car after 飘移 toyota AE86 藤原豆腐….i saw a white toyota AE86 just like in MTV yesterday in Tesco….is that ur car?
    keep promoting Jay……

  2. Hope u’ll post more on korea since u’re currently there.please share some travel tips too. I’m planning to go there next year!!

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