We are expecting in January 2019!

Hi guys! It has been way to long ago since I last updated my blog but if you followed me on Facebook and Instagram, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that Daryl and I are expecting! ♥ Our first child will be here in a few months’ time! :)

We first found out about the pregnancy on Malaysia’s GE Day, 9 May through a peeing stick. The feeling was pretty complicated as I find it hard to believe that there’s a baby in me and at the same time, we weren’t exactly too sure about it. We needed another confirmation. So, we seek for doctor’s consultation and got it all verified – we are gonna be parents!

The news was broke to our family members and close friends as soon as the consultation was done. And I’ve never felt so overwhelmed by congratulatory messages and wishes from everyone. Honestly, it made me dizzy, sort off. Part of me was really happy and part of me was confused. “Should I be more cautious about this whole pregnancy or should I just enjoy it?” These question came back to me once in a while till we hit the 3rd month’s mark where I felt more confident with this entire thing.

I am also really blessed that this pregnancy was pretty easy compared to what I have always been told and seen. I’ve got no morning sickness and no puking routine, only lost of appetite. Even so, I felt like crap at times. And those times made me realised how strong the other mothers were for going through the ordeal. I am really lucky. Baby is good.

I lost quite a lot of weight during my first trimester because I couldn’t eat well at all but things start to catch up on the 4th month when my belly got significantly bigger. Things and feelings in the belly got weirder too as I start to feel baby’s movements.

Am I ranting too much? I wasn’t expecting to pen down these thoughts but it all came naturally to me. I only wanted to share some belly photos taken recently. Haha! It was over the weekend at Adelaide where my girls and I had an impromptu maternity shoot. And here you go…

I can’t thank my girls enough for this whole session. Thank you, Cindy for styling and photographing me, Pui Yeen for doing up the setup and Carmen for letting me mess up your new bathroom! I’m glad the photos turned out well! ♥

And if you are curious about the baby’s gender… you’ll soon find out when the baby is here! :)

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