We are tying the knot!

I know that I have been abandoning my blog although I have promised to update it regularly but there are just more things to focused on now… like my wedding. Yes, Daryl and I are tying the knot next year!

We have been prepping up for the big day since some time ago and I can’t believe how soon it’s gonna happen from now. Let me feed you with some of our simple pre-wedding pictures :)

Photography: Onewaytix
Make Up: Cindy Liew
Hairdo: Iris Heng
Dress: The Velvet Dolls
Shoes: Taobao
Flower: Let Tresor Flower

There’s more but a few here will do! I’ll be back to update more on the making of #Sambodygotlokey wedding <3

1 thought on “We are tying the knot!

  1. Hi Vivien! Congratulation to you!!!! I was just wondering would you mind sharing the cost roof having the wedding dinner at Seputeh? I was planning to have mine there as well after seeing how beautiful ur wedding is!! :)

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