What’s Inside The Package?

Loblography Malaysia Challenge #01

I swear that I never liked to eat Sardin. Lol. I hate the taste and the smell of it. Even if the slightest smell of it would be rejected by yours truly. However, all thanks to Lomography Malaysia, I’ve be sticking with “a can of sardin” for a whole month and this time, not rejecting it… I’m gonna love it instead! :D

#01 The arrival of La Sardina… Now, let’s see what’s inside the package.

#02 The very very very cute paper bag from Lomography Malaysia. Gosh. Love it but I don’t think I’ll ever use it. Haha.

#03 Hoho! 1 box of Xpro Chrome 35mm film with 3 rolls within!

#04 Merchandise from Lomography Malaysia, the Shutter Buttons :)

#05 Most importantly, the La Sardina camera itself! :D :D Unboxing the camera was really fun. Lol…

#06 See, the camera looks so much like a sardin tin. It comes in 4 colours/packaging and I’ve gotten the classic sardin-alike one. Click here to view the other colour options!

#07 The camera comes with some flash filters.. There are white, red, yellow and blue.

#08 This is so cool! The La Sardina manual.. And see what I mean by the classic red sardin packaging!

#09 So yeah, after unoxing the La Sardina, I’m not putting in the films, fixing everything and I’m ready to shot! :D :D I’ve got only a month to capture everything. I’m gonna show you a world of images capture through the sardin tin!!

#10 Wanna know more about the camera? How much is this? How it works and how does the sardin pictures look like? What’s Lomography Malaysia about? Keep coming back to my blog again, there’s be updates about it! :D

Meanwhile, “like” and join Lomography Malaysia’s Facebook Fan Page here for more! I’ll be back!

6 thoughts on “What’s Inside The Package?

  1. spectre : hahahaha really? okokok!

    bendan : it is indeed. there are other colour options too!

    evaeva : thanks :D

    thsi : hahahaha i will, when the time comes! :)

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