What’s new in Okonomi?

Warning: You may drool while seeing the pictures in this post!

Ever since my first eating experience in Okonomi (as blogged here), I fell hard. I’ve totally fallen in love with their food there! I’ve been visiting them at least once in a blue moon since then. Just recently, they’ve introduced a new menu and I think I should share it here with you guys because they are oh-so-good!

In this new menu, Okonomi has added more dishes and also more house hand rolls on top of what they have already been serving – salads, rice, customised sushi rolls and also desserts. It took me double the time to decide what to eat now!

This is how your menu sheet will look like if you are keen to make your own sushi rolls. And I’ll never skip recreating better sushi rolls. But before that, here’s some starters…

Spicy creamy pasta, a treat from the house :)

MY FAVOURITE TAMAGO MENTAIYAKI!!!! This is a must-order appetizer! Just look at the mentai sauce above the eggs! Trust me that you will never regret ordering this dish. It cost RM12.90 per dish but a priceless taste bud experience.

Now, this is something new – Crunchy tempura roll with the fillings of fresh Hokaiddo prawns, mixture of mushrooms and asparagus. This sushi rolls give you an explosion of taste and texture with its crunchy outer and soft inner. Yummms. I bet you don’t get to try a deep fried sushi like this in every sushi joint!

Meet my customised sushi roll, let’s name it – Pink rocker (random LOL)! It’s a combination of strawberries, fried salmon, tempura sweet potatoes with mentai sauce and ebiko toppings. It tastes so gooooood with the sour and sweet combination – simply flavourful! It makes me even hungry after consuming them :)

But that’s not all because here’s another new dish that you must not miss…

Baked lobster avocado! I’m never a fan of avocado but this dish’s taste is just something to boast about. The combination of soft baked avocado and sweet chewy lobster is nothing but good. Just look at the dish itself, cant you tell it’s yummmmmmmmy already?

I know I may sound a little exaggerating in introducing these dishes but them flavours I tasted are more exaggerated than I am right now. Don’t believe me? Try and taste it yourself! Look for them at A4-G2-02 Solaris Dutamas, No.1 Jalan Dutamas, Publika, 50480 Kuala Lumpur. They are open from 10 am till 11pm, daily :)

p/s: Don’t forget to try their desserts too!

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