Architect ’15

Since April, it has been hectic for me as there were back to back exhibitions from Penang to Sabah and Kuala Lumpur. What tires me more was a short trip to Bangkok in between these exhibitions. However, it was quite an eye-opening one. After 5 years and 10 months in the company, this was actually my first overseas trip to check out another exhibition. Hah!

Huge board and mini me for comparison. Hehe.

This is possibly one of the most eye-catching booth in the halls!

Everything is so pretty there! Haha even the showgirls. And I like their creativity in the architecture models’ display. The students’ artwork really blown me away and I can stop taking pictures of them :)

After the exhibition, we help ourselves with good food in Siam Centre and I’ve found these super cute macaroons <3 <3 I'm gonna have more in July when I head back there!

Iris’ Maternity Shoot

Time has been passing really quickly and to our surprises, Iris is upgrading to being a mom soon! :D We are all so excited as she’s the first among the BFF gang to be expecting. In line with the excitement, I initiated a maternity photoshoot for her, her bump and the rest of us (kaimas-to-be).

Baby Ailee! We can’t wait to sniff you already. See you in two weeks’ time! Kaima wants to do a new born photoshoot for you too! <3 <3

My Beachy Getaway

Hi there! You guys must be thinking what have I been doing while being away from blogging. Last month, I had a one-month intensive language course in Seoul during winter and this month, I spent a summer holiday with the boyfriend and family in Boracay.

It was a splendid holiday experience and I wished we had a longer break there but the pocket does not approve it. Everything was beautiful about Boracay (except for the traveling part) and let me share my piece of Boracay here..

We were greeted with a breath-taking sunset as soon as we touched down! And we did not much but to familiarize ourselves at the place before having our holiday started in a full-swing mood on the next day.

And we started it with island hopping with everyone else who joined in the trip. We visited Puka Beach, Crystal Cove, Crocodile Island and many more..

It was late noon when we headed back to White Beach and Talipapa Wet Market was the next destination for yummy seafood. No food photo were taken because everyone was really hungry already!

Made some friends at Ariel’s Point and had my first experience in kayaking as well. I didn’t like it, honestly.

We had the vacation spent in a very relaxing way, no rush and no itinerary to follow with. After lunch, we wandered around, had the popular Jonas shake, enjoyed massages and sunset again, all by the beach!

The following day was a fun one because we then headed to Ariel’s Point. A popular place for cliff jumping. I’m not an adventurous person and I went there because everyone else did. I just tagged along.

But the atmosphere there was so adrenaline-rushing, I did a small jump too! I am surprised by myself. Before you started pointing fingers at me for wearing a lifejacket (because we are not supposed to), I have actually consulted the people there and I was given the green light to do so. Hehehe. But the silly me forgotten to hold my nose with my fingers during the jump and ended up having loads of sea water intake T_T

Made a few friends at Ariel’s Point and had my first experience in kayaking as well.

After the cliff jumping, we had dinner and witnessed a beautiful sunset again. Boracay has super awesome sunsets, I must agree! And guess what, I witness a beautiful rainbow on the next morning as well! It was huge and vivid! <3 <3

Here comes to the end of the short trip. It wasn’t only a family trip but also our anniversary trip. I’m glad to be having the chances to spend this special date with the smelly fella at overseas for the past few years. Thank you for bringing me around to see the world!

And I won’t forget to thank you for buying me a hell lotsa ice cream too <3

Vacation verdict : Awesome place to be at but if you hate crowd, avoid it.

Okonomi: What’s Your Roll?

Feeling creative in making your own customized sushi roll? I’ve found a place for you – Okonomi! Located at Publika KL, this is a fun restaurant that serves sushi ‘as you like it’.

You can start by choosing their wrap or base that could either be the traditional seaweed (nori), soy wrap for those who find the nori flavour too strong or also opt for the base prepared as a salad. White rice or brown rice is selected next. They then go on to choose their fillings which is a huge selection ranging from the orthodox items in a sushi such as salmon, unagi, cucumber, tamago to the more fusion items like smoked duck, marinated lobster, katsu chicken, mango and others. You then selects a sauce and a topping from our healthy selection which exceeds 40 different items.

Here is how the customised sushi’s menu looks like;

The rolls come in three sizes – small, medium and large with different prices and amount of fillings, as shown. I would recommend large for the hungry ones or a few small rolls for the curious and creative ones.

I’ve personally been there twice and still loving it! <3 During my first visit with Natalie, we created genius maki! This is what we would recommend you, the combo of fried salmon, soft shell crab, lettuce and tamago in the maki roll with mentai mayo and ebiko fillings.

Our favourite!!!!

We’ve also went out of our comfort zone by ordering this next roll in soy wrap. It consisted unagi, seasoned scallop and seaweed, with cheese mayo and garlic toppings!

Not forgetting about this yummy Avocado Prawn Salad as well! It’s a two-thumbs-up dish!

On my second visit with my VIPS, I didn’t do anything out of the box because I was still madly in love with the genius roll I made with Natalie earlier. Hahaha.Meanwhile, each of the girls too has their customised rolls.

Can’t remember who did this roll but it has salmon, avocado and tamago with mentai mayo and tobiko! Oh wait, I think this belongs to Cindy. Hahaha.

Here’s another one by Pui Yeen. This girl picked asparagus, salmon, forgot-what’s-another-filling with wasabi mayo and ebiko. Doesn’t it look yummy already!! :D :D

Besides sushi, Okonomi serves house rolls, pasta, rice and desserts too! What’s a great meal without dessert right? During the first visit, we ordered the soft serve ice creams. And on the second visit, we ordered the yummy parfait :D :D Love both these desserts to the max.

In short, we all did enjoy the dishes here. The place was really cozy for catch-up conversations too. And most importantly, the meals aren’t costly at all. Splitting among all, we paid less than RM40 each for what we have ordered. But brr. Honestly, we need someone to do the exotic menu! Hahaha. We girls are just playing safe with what we like to eat. This brilliant idea of having our own costumised rolls need people with more daring tummys. Hahaha.

So, what’s your roll? Let us know your wildest sushi combo! For more info and updates, you may also visit Okonomi’s Facebook page here :)

Petronas Primax95 Experience to Believe

Hoho! Last month I’ve joined the “Experience to Believe” convoy, I’ve gotten myself a chance to experience the superior efficiency of the latest PETRONAS PRIMAX95 with Advance Energy Formula during a day-long convoy which took us from Ben’s, Publika to Ipoh and then back to Kuala Lumpur.

During the journey, PETRONAS PRIMAX95 with Advance Energy Formula made my car move smoother and fuel efficiency was top notch, I only had to stop by a Petronas petrol station once throughout my journey to Ipoh and back.

Arrived at Indulgence! Ooo and look, Lewis Hamilton is waiting for us hahaha!

We had great time digging in the food at Indulgence :D Then, we had a memorable photo shoot with the rest before heading back to Kuala Lumpur. Later, we were also given the chance to get up close and personal with PETRONAS’ fuel experts while tapping on their extensive knowledge on fuel during the question and answer session.

During the session, it was shared that the fuel is designed to clean the engine to optimise fuel delivery, creates a finer fuel spray to enhance fuel combustion and energy release, and reduces friction to minimise energy loss for superior fuel economy. These three key functions combine to deliver more mileage, hence, greater savings.

In short, this whole journey gave me new insights of fuel and how I can make use of it with my car and driving. For more information on PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 with Advanced Energy Formula as well as PETRONAS SYNTIUM, or to locate the nearest PETRONAS Station, please visit

The Search for the “Malaysia Jay Chou” is On!

As you all have already know, Jay Chou will be holding his upcoming concert “Opus 2″ in Malaysia this 14 & 15 November. Need more deets? Click on my previous post here. And to that, the main presenter of the concert, Mah Sing will be giving away complimentary tickets worth thousands of ringgit, in conjunction with the Group’s 20th anniversary celebration aiming to provide Malaysians with the opportunity to enjoy the concert.

Jay Chou lookalikes, fans and singing enthusiasts of both sexes can participate by submitting their Jay Chou Look-alike photo into the Mah Sing Facebook. The participants must aspire to capture the cool look of Jay Chou in their pictures to garner votes. They must show their commitment to win the tickets by encouraging their friends to vote for them. The top 20 finalists with the highest number of votes will be selected with the approval of the Mah Sing’s management team. Public voting ends on October 18.

The final level requires a dash of creativity and tech savviness to out-beat the contestants to win the title. The 20 selected finalists will move on to prepare a convincing video on why they deserve to win the VIP experience and best seats in Jay Chou concert. The public will vote for the video that tugs at their heartstrings. Based on the public votes and video’s creativity, the contest organiser will select the most unique and exciting video as the winner. Closing date for the video submission is October 31. Announcement of the winner will take place in the first week of November.

On being crowned the “Malaysian Jay Chou,” the winner will win a pair of tickets, which are the best seats worth RM1,776, in Jay Chou’s “Opus 2 Jay World Concert” in November. In addition, you might win the chance to be pampered with a limo ride to the concert and cash bonus of RM2,000!!! Woots!

I won’t be missing out, and I don’t see why you should too! Submit your Jay Chou lookalike photo here now and stay tuned for details in the Mah Sing Facebook here.

Psst! There are more Jay Chou concert contests here and here too :D :D Don’t say I never tell you all! Hahaha. Join ’em all today!!

Logging in Lombok Part 2

Here’s the continuation of my Lombok trip which I owe my readers…

After the party night we slept over, we woke up really early the next morning to view the sunrise, not! We woke up just to return to the mainland and head to our next planned destination.

But before that, the private tour guide brought us this a community store where the locals weave and sell their productions. And for that, they also allowed us to be dressed in their traditional clothes just for picture purposes <3

Could you guess where did we head to? The pink beach!!! And it took us a rough three hours by car to get there. It was literally a rough journey because the beach is still a hidden gem and no proper roads are made for it.. It also killed me but it was worth it.

I like this picture below because I think it is hilarious. Haha as though I farted and our private tour guide was suffocating from it. Lol.

Here we go! Some call it Pink Beach and some refer it as Tangsi Beach. Either names, the local will have their ways to bring you there. Unfortunately, we went to the wrong timing. We knew that we were supposed to be there around 3-4pm for the best pink view (that’s when the sand will shine in perfect pink but we didnt have enough time to waste before that so… we were there a few hours earlier than the ideal time. The beach was pinkish (not very pink)… and untouched!

You will see nothing but a few small huts around with local people chilling by the beach. We were the odd ones being foreigners.

Along the way to the beach, you will get to see lots and lots of corn farms. We went to Kuta beach next! It’s the soon-to-be famous beach and you will get to see lots of people surfing there. You can also judge how beautiful the sea is, from my pictures.

Our next destination was a local village. I actually went there unprepared and I felt myself being disrespectful for dressing up in only my tube dress but I did not have any other options during then. However, the locals were really nice and they did not disapprove me or anything. They did not say anything about it either. I was so relieved…

One of the villagers then brought us around to have a closer look into their houses and living. There were so many stories told by him but I can’t remember all of them. The best memory I had from the village visit was that we actually entered a freshly-painted house, painted by cow dung. Haha. It is part of their tradition but I was still taken aback, worrying about the smell. But I smelled nothing. Probably it was the dry and hot weather that helps. Lucky me.

It was almost evening when we finished up the itineraries and headed back to the hotel booked in mainland. It was Living Asia Resort and Spa. And it does live up to its name. Hehe. I especially loved its beach. It was peaceful and beautiful. You can view Mount Agung from the beach with no interference too!

We then had our romantic dinner by the beach and called it a day. And then, went back to the beach again after breakfast in the morning because it was just too beautiful. I needed to take more pictures there before I leave for home.

<3 <3 <3

And here’s my smelly boy having nasi puyung for lunch before we leave the place. The trip was short but it was beautiful and I wished they have better transportation options that could bring us around. People said Lombok is like an untouched Bali and soon, it might be as developed as Bali. Well. Maybe that’s when we will be going back there again! :D

What’s next in my blog? More trips’ update. Yogyakarta and Ipoh! :D

My AirAsia Free Seats!

If I had 10 AirAsia Free Seats, I would go to Phuket and I’d bring along my smelly boy, my long-time-no-holiday mama, my never-taken-any-leave brother, my pretty cousin, my awesome aunt, my same-birthdate bff, my creepy neighbour, my emo bff as well as 2 lucky blog readers – and here’s why!

I’ve been to many islands in Thailand but Phuket ain’t one. I’ve not been to its most happening island and I’m not letting this off my list when beach is just my kind of holidays. And here’s my bucket list for Phuket!

  • To be sun-kissed and have lotsa fun by the beach
  • To party all day long at the beach!
  • To discover the beauty of Old Phuket Town
  • To experience their nightlife shows
  • To do island hopping because I’ve always loved it
  • To have endless of Thai Massages
  • To eat all the yummy food (I miss mango sticky rice, tomyam, tub tim krab, orange juice and pancake with banana with condensed milk!!)
  • And not to be fat during the trip!!!!!!

    The list is not going to end but neither that I’m doing these alone!!

    Firstly, why my smelly boy? Because he is my travelling soul-mate! We are gonna travel around the globe together and to make more mutual memories and this is not going to be an exceptional. Besides, he has been wanting to have lotsa massage and at Phuket, I can afford to treat him massage for the entire day! Bet he’s gonna love it and me more.. Haha. Oh! We can finally make use of our GoPro camera too :)

    Why my long-time-no-holiday mama? The name says it all. The last and the only time I brought her for a short trip was more than a year ago. We went to Bangkok and I could tell that she enjoyed it very much. Since then, she hasn’t travel anywhere out of Kuala Lumpur and I thought I should be rewarding her. She should have some time off from house and work, just to relax and chill by the beach.

    My brother? Well, technically he hasn’t traveled out of the country since 3 year ago and clearly, he hasn’t taken any day off from his work since he started working last year. How can I not reward this hardworking little fella! He might be really interested in the local Muay Thai boxing too.

    I wanna have my cousin and my aunt along too because they sponsored a few trips for me when I was younger and this should be pay-off time! I can never pay them off by just a trip (obviously) because they have been helping and supporting me throughout my 26 years but.. I really want them to come along too. It can be a very good bonding time for the sisters and cousins. They deserve a holiday too, of course!

    And the three VIPs I cherish (I’ve got more than listed, of course) because we have this planned-219479812-days-ago holiday which has yet to be fulfilled due to hundred and one reasons. Usually it’s me and my financial commitment and our never-matching time. This would be great as we can bond ourselves while exploring the island. Shopping will be really fun with them too <3 <3 Time to show-off them bikinis!!!

    Lastly, why my readers? Because they have been supporting me and my blog since I was 17 even tho I've been hiatus for numerous times! They have been really nice and it's time for some rewarding from me too.

    Oh AirAsia, please grant me the wish and I will not be the only happy girl - but 9 other people I treasure too! I've never reward them something like this and I know nothing can be better than this :)

    Don’t be upset if you are not in my list because AirAsia is having its Free Seat Promo! That’s a call for a trip-planning on its traveling period from 1 March to 24 October 2014. Book now before this August ends!! :D