Me and my DIY bokeh kit

DIY Bokeh Kit

If you know me well enough, I trust you are aware of my love towards bokeh. Haha. I’m always awed by how bokehs can appear so prettily in pictures and also in dramas, especially K-dramas. Sometimes my astigmatism gives me bokeh visions at night too! And yesterday, I attempted to make a DIY bokeh kit […]


Jom GST (Go Sekinchan Together)!

Last weekend, my colleagues and I had a 2D1N trip to Sekinchan for its signature scenery and the yummy seafood. We planned it long enough before we kick started the trip with 11 adults and 2 infants. And we were lucky enough to be granted with the perfect weather too :) Here are the faces […]

Architect ’15

Since April, it has been hectic for me as there were back to back exhibitions from Penang to Sabah and Kuala Lumpur. What tires me more was a short trip to Bangkok in between these exhibitions. However, it was quite an eye-opening one. After 5 years and 10 months in the company, this was actually […]