#SeoulSearching; My Valentines

This Seoul post has finally come to its end. Sorry for being super slow in updating the blog. I still blame Facebook and Instagram for this. Haha. Anyways, technically this wasn’t our last day in Seoul but we left in the next morning. And of course, it was really nice to be able to spend Valentines in Seoul with the smelly one. Nothing tooooooo cliché… we.. just went to the… N Seoul Tower for the “Love Locks”. Haha!

We were there as early as 9am and I remember that the cable car wasn’t operating yet. Pfft. So we waited for it, because we didn’t want to climb up the hill… in winter.

The love locks! There were so many of them and honestly, majority of these locks were dedicated to their biased Kpop idols. At least, this is what I’ve observed based on those I’ve seen.

So here comes ours. And excuse us for being so cheesy and lame on our message because we could not come up with anything better than this. LOL. Can’t believe that I drew two stupid stickman too. Hahaha.

After that, we headed to the observatory deck. It was nothing too impressive but I’ve found home! :D :D Wrote and sent a postcard too.

Later on, we took the subway and headed to Hyehwa. We were supposed to head to Ehwa actually but I think we wrote/seen the itinerary wrongly. It wasn’t too bad at all because we just had our best lunch in one of the random restaurant found along the way. Best kimchi and soy bean paste stew soups ever!!!!

Then, we headed to Ehwa Womans’ University as soon as we are done with the lunch. The shopping heaven, I would say! Everything is so cheap and pretty there… Not forgetting yummy street snacks too! We did not take a lot of pictures here because camera was kept and I was on a full-swing mode for spring shopping! :D :D

Later, we headed back to the Hanok as we were carrying too many things for dinner. Hehehe. Found yummy chicken teriyaki stick along the way too!

Yupe! Nooryanjin Fishery Market it was. I’ve always hated the fishy smell in the market but I could bare with this because the smell wasn’t too bad during the winter. And all stalls look almost the same to us that we do not know how to pick anyways.. So we went by gut feeling. Picked on a random ajunma who photobombed me in my pictures.

Of course, the smelly one picked this dish he has been wanting to try – Sannakji live octopus!

I didn’t have it because… I didn’t like octopus in the first place. I had a gigantic snow crab, all to myself instead! And also, yummy and freshly bbq abalones! The entire meal cost us only RM200, with soju and all. It was so yummy! :D Would want to have more seafood meals there again!

And before Valentine ends, the smelly (but kinda sweet) one bought me a mini bouquet of flowers during our walk back to Hanok. It was so adorable I couldn’t resist taking another picture… Or rather the last one. Here it is!

I’m officially in love with Seoul <3

#SeoulSearching; Bukchon Hanok Village & The Palaces

Besides staying in the city, we actually moved into a traditional house, Hanok for a stay for two nights. It was indeed a different experience and it was probably my first time sleeping on a heated floor while it was freezing outside, not too far from the sleeping mat. Haha.

The traditional house was located at Bukchon Hanok Village, a Korean traditional village with a long history located between Gyeongbok Palace, Changdeok Palace and Jongmyo Royal Shrine. And jeng jeng! This post will cover all places mentioned except for Jongmyo Royal Shrine. That’s what we both covered in a day’s time :D

But before that, I will have you to know that moving to a hanok in a village, by foot in the winter wasn’t a joke. What’s worse? We were walking along the streets before 7am while the crazy wind was blowing. And we were (technically just the boyfriend) carrying a lot of shit with us too. Hahahahaha. I can’t do bag packing style. I tend to pack my entire room over!!!

Because it wasn’t easy.. So I thought someone needed to be pampered, with my love. Hahahaha. Cheesy much.

Just a random picture we took of the drain cover with hangul one it. Haha.

As soon as we have checked in, we headed straight to Gyeongbok Palace. This is one famous palace that you will come by when reading up about Seoul. Before you start the journey in exploring the palace, remember to do some homework about it so that you do not enter the palace with zero knowledge about it.

At least to find out what is the operating hour. Well, it is closed on every Tuesdays. And you can also search for the timing of palace guard exchange! We got ourselves a booklet of the palace info while navigating around.

After witnessing the palace guard exchange, we headed to the photo house and got dressed up like their ancient palace guard. Hehehe. It is free of charge but on a first-come-first serve basis.

Photobombed by the smelly one!

We walked around the crowded palace and got lost in some areas because it was too huge! And also because some renovation works were taking place too. After visiting the major palace, we use the back exit and headed out for lunch. We haven’t eaten since morning after moving into the hanok. We were already starving at this point of time.

We hard some hard time looking for the restaurant but we still got it anyways – Tosokchon! A restaurant known for its signature samgyetang (chicken ginseng soup) made with glutinous rice, gingko nuts, ginseng, garlic and many more… Yumms.

After that, we hitched a cab by the roadside and headed to the next palace, Changdeok. It was within walking distance but we were late for the volunteering tour guide which was booked way earlier online. And we were so glad about the decision made. The tour guide was such a friendly and nice person! Best of all, she could converse in perfect English. Hehehe.

Changdeok Palace may be less popular compared to Gyeongbok Palace but I find it more beautiful and welcoming :D We wouldn’t have found out this place if the boyfriend wasn’t a fan of UNESCO world heritage sites. Haha! There was less crowd too.

Within the palace, there’s a secret garden, Biwon. Not the one you find in K-drama but a real secret garden made for the royalties. And it was so beautiful and breathe-taking! Literally too. I find it hard to walk up and down on slopes during such a cold winter. Brrr.

But to enter the garden, you will need to pay extra. The fee to the palace is not inclusive of the garden and you will be guided around too. There won’t be any free-and-easy allowed.

We bet it would look even prettier in Spring and Autumn! Hmmn.

After the palace visitings, we headed to another UNESCO world heritage site – Myeongdong! Lol. We didn’t realise it until…. we saw a humble ground signage hidden among the tourists’ feet. We had so much of street food that we could not eat well during the only BBQ dinner we had with a friend of mine there. And did so much of shopping that my hands could tear off by holding the make-up stuff. Haha.

Bored of my Seoul posts yet? I’ve got one more to go! It will be the itinerary of my full-day in Seoul, celebrating valentines in N Seoul Tower, Ehwa Womans’ University and Nooryanjing Fishery Market :D

Jay Chou is Coming Back with Opus 2!

Original post : 12 June 2014

Yes! Jay Chou is making a comeback concert this November and I’m getting excited already as the ticket sales is starting real soon. Start saving up your money people!!!

When: 14 & 15 November 2014, 8pm
Where: Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil

Presenter : Mah Sing Group
Organiser : Speedy Video Distributors Sdn Bhd
Main Sponsor : UOB Bank Visa Credit Card
Co-sponsors : Air Asia Big and Super Education Group

“Opus 2 Jay Chou 2014 World Tour Concert is a continuation of Jay’s last concert. Skilled dancers, ace musicians, complemented by a spectacular stage will give fans an unforgettable world class concert experience!” – TicketCharge

This time, I’m actually quite surprised to be seeing that all the participating and sponsoring companies are totally new! And it is said that there will be no extra shows too. So, don’t miss it out!

Jay Chou “Opus2 Jay” Malaysia Concert Ticketing Details
Ticket Launching Sale
Date: 21 June 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 11am – 5pm
Venue: Paradigm Mall, KL

Ticket buyers will receive a concert A4 folder, while stocks last during the ticket launching sales too!

Be there or be square! Lol Just kidding, if you are unable to attend the said event, you can also purchase your tickets online here or via phone call (Ticket Charge +603 9222 8811) from 21 June 2014, 3pm onwards. I won’t be there to witness the ticket launch as well T__T But I’ll be at the concert for sure!!

On top of that, UOB Bank Visa Credit Card members are eligible for 10% discount on 20 June at selected Speedy Video Stores (view below) or through phone bookings via Ticketcharge. This promotion is on first-come-first serve basis and on limited tickets only. Also, this discount is only applicable on 20 June only and not applicable for sales of VVIP tickets.

Updated on 18 June 2014
The selected stores mentioned include TicketCharge Office, F&N Business Park and Speedy Outlets as below;
1) Desa Pandan KL
2) Pavilion KL
3) Paradigm mall
4) Setia City Mall, Klang
5) Seremban Jusco
6) Gurney Plaza Penang
7) One Borneo Hypermall, KK Sabah
8) The Spring Mall, Kuching Sarawak
9) Jusco Tebrau, Johor Bahru
10) Jusco Ipoh Kinta City, Perak
11) Jusco Melaka Bandaraya, Melaka

Click here for more information. Hehe I will also update this post in any case of information updates. As usual la :)

#SeoulSearching; Ssamziegil & Hoegi

Continuing in my Seoul Searching journey… We had a last minute change in plan after we visited Nami Island. As scheduled, we should be enjoying the in jimjilbang (sauna) and challenging the Cheonggukjang (dead body soup) but we changed the plan. We made our way to Insadong and Hoegi to meet up our friends who are coincidentally in Seoul too!

As I was told, Insadong is a street of souvenirs. Indeed it was. You could find gifts for almost everyone there. And yeah, we bought a lot too. Besides that, the famous Ssamziegil mall was located there too. I learned that the mall was uniquely designed, combining the modern and traditional architecture together even before I stepped into it.

It was one interesting mall that has incline zig zags walkways throughout the building and connects each floors. And you can find really artsy fartsy things around too.

And the first thing I spotted in the mall was this poo bread! Hahaha! I’m missing this Korea shit already.

Besides handy craft stores, you will get to see a few themed cafes in the mall too. Here’s one lovey dovey cafe found on the top floor where you can find lotsa love notes and confessions hanging around.

After shopping for gifts and what not around the area, we proceed to Hoegi for a meet up with the friends. As we were walking to the subway station, we passed by these road side stalls and damn, we always wanted to tried it. So we did! We had yummy kimbaps (again) and some intestines party too. Hahaha. I thought the liver taste really good but I could barely try the sundae. No, it is not sundae ice cream kinda sundae. The Korean’s sundae refers to the pig’s or cow’s intestines, blood and glass noodles. Ummmn. Daryl enjoyed it.

We reached Hoegi earlier than the girls so we thought we should chill in the cafe instead of the long-wait outdoor, during winter. At the super quiet street, we found a cafe. Okay, the place we were supposed to meet was not supposed to be where we ended. We exited the different place and ended up at somewhere really quiet.

There are just too much of cafes in Seoul and we actually did not get to try them patiently. Most of the time we did the take-out but we still get to sit in for a bit while waiting for the others.

And we finally met up after 30 minutes of wait! We were then brought back to the happening streets of Hoegi and we headed to the street of pancakes straight for dinner. Honestly, we did not expect the onion seafood pancake we ordered to be as huge as a pizza. Gosh. It was served along with a few side dishes, they were so yummy but we could not finish them all.

That’s Shirley and Meiyan! Haha I never thought I would be seeing Meiyan in Seoul actually. She was really friendly on our first meet up and I felt a little bit weird to be seeing her in person after being her listener through the radio since her debut. Haha.

These ladies told us that the dinner will not be our last meal. They said that we had to follow their culture of eating three rounds at a go! I’ve actually not heard of that culture but hey, we don’t mind trying it so we headed to Paris Baguette next for desserts!

I had cheesecake, Meiyan had a chocolate cake and Shirley had an ice cream together with a hot drink each. It was awesome!! I loved the mini-size cheesecake and I don’t think it is gonna be easy for me to hunt for a similar taste here! Grr. And how can we not love the packaging of the drinks. Too cute!!!

After dessert, we decided to go for a round of happy hour. Haha guess what! We had the famous fried-chicken-and-beer, following the food trend after the k-drama “My Love From Another Star”. LOL much. And to our surprise, we were served with one whole chicken. OMG. At that point of time, we could barely tuck in anymore but we weren’t allowed to dine in without ordering real food, not even if we order alcohols. Ahhh. Being Malaysians, we ended up the best solution – tapau (take away)! Haha.

Over the meals, we talked about our love for the hallyu scene and the food we have tasted during our holidays. Hahaha it was fun and I wish my body battery didn’t die off so quickly so that we could continued with shopping with the girls. They actually bought a hell lotsa clothes back to Malaysia and I wished I did too. Haha. We love the fashion and trend there too. Brr.

I did not do any shopping until my fifth day there. I splurged…. Guess where!!! It was one of my best shopping experience and I shall reveal it in my next posts! Hahaha. Next up is, Bukchon Hanok Village and the Palaces in Seoul :)

#SeoulSearching; Nami Island

On the third morning of our vacation in Seoul, we headed to Nami Island. It was a very peaceful and beautiful island. I think most people would relate the island to the famous Korean drama, Winter Sonata.

From Seoul, we took the subway to Cheongnyangi. Then, transferred to Gapyeong by taking ITX. The whole journey took us approximately 2 and the half hours. If you are heading there, remember to buy tickets for both ways at the same time to minimize the waiting time. Stupid me did not remember to do so and we had to wait almost 1 hour for the train. Hmmnp!

When you reached the Gapyeong station, fetch a cab and it will you straight to the ferry terminal. The distance is about 10 minutes and it will cost you roughly RM5 per trip. We didn’t know that and we actually shared the taxi with two other girls who so happened to be girls from the same country. Haha. Instead of sharing the taxi fare, we paid it all because it was cheap. Too paiseh to take the money from them. Haha.

On the ferry, you can find the Malaysia’s flag too. Hehehe. Moving on.. You will have to purchase the entrance fee as soon as you touch down the island. It’s gonna be crowded during the weekend and be there early to avoid the tour groups.

The island was covered with white snow and the scenery was breathe-taking. Ahhh and it was leg-killing too because I had to wear the wrong shoe that day T_____T

Anyways, we took the tour map and strolled around the island alone. Walked here and there. Took photos at almost every possible corner because all the corners are just too beautiful. We spotted a lot of fur balls around too!

We found the famous Winter Sonata’s First Kiss bridge and took a super cheesy picture. Was feeling super shy because so many people was watching it. And we had to thank this Chinese tourist who took this picture for us. She was so friendly and she took the picture so sincerely :)

One of the best spots in the island was the fire pit. Hahahahahaha. We would stick to it for 10 minutes, every now and then. It was freezing cold.

Another furball spotted! Lol.

After strolling, we ended up at one of the restaurants – Drama Cafe for its shake-bento, kimchi pancake and rice wine. They tasted so so so good!!!! For some reasons, most guests in the same restaurant came from Malaysia. They must be attracted by the same blog I found the review from. Lol.

Daryl and I acted like we were no tourists. Hahahahaha. And we ended up attracting the locals talking to us and seeking for our help in taking their photographs. Probably ain’t a good idea after all.

Let’s build a snowman!!!! Wee!!!!!!

This island is so so so pretty. I wanna visit it again during Autumn!!!!!!

We found even more fur balls, running around the white woods.

You can also get hot snacks by the road side. I had the Korean’s tau sar pau (red bean pau) and it taste so nice… It must be the weather that makes me think that everything is nice. Haha.

We spent almost 3 hours there before the crowd came in. And trust me, it was scary. There were so many people walking in from the entrance that you can’t really see the white ground no more. It got a lot noisier too. Pfft. Lucky us for being early. But before we left, we bought ourselves the Nami Island’s currency as souvenirs. You can get them easily at the tourist info centre :) It would be meaningful because it looks really cool and it can’t be found elsewhere (it is kept by the boyfriend hence I can’t show you how it looks like here).

That’s the end of our Nami Island trip.

Where’s next? Shopping at Ssamziegil, Insadong and crazy 3-round dinner at Heogi!! Wait for it!

Palsaik Samgyupsal Korean BBQ

I’ve finally found a place I could refer it to my favourite Korean restaurant in town – Palsaik Samgyupsal Korean BBQ / Eight-Coloured Pork at Solaris, Mont Kiara. Introduced by Cindy, we fell in love with it at my first visit during February this year when the business has just started to run in Kuala Lumpur. Originated from Korea, the dishes served there actually has very close taste to what I’ve tried in Seoul itself! :D So so so happy about the taste and I’m now its regular customer. Lol. I really love eating pork and I visit it almost every month..

This was during my first visit and the following picture with better quality was taken with my DSLR during my second visit..

It is called the eight-coloured pork because their signature set is served in eight different flavours namely – Ginseng, Wine, Original, Garlic, Herb, Curry, Miso Paste and Hot Pepper. And these flavours are served from the milder tastes to the strongest ones. My favourite ones are wine and hot pepper :D :D :D

And if you have to know, I’m drooling while blogging about this. /gulps

When you order the set, you will also be served with a pot of seafood soup and damn, the soup taste the best! During one of my visits, I actually had them to refilled it at least 3 times. Also, they have the very yummy cheese fried rice in their menu too. However it comes with the basil leaves which I dont quite favour. I request it to be removed each time I consume it.

We had a farewell dinner with Rachel at the restaurant too, who is now back in Australia for good. There are rooms for bigger groups too :D

Here’s the menu to feed your curiosity. The set I’ve been ordering is the second set valued at RM112 and it feeds 3-4 pax.

Reservations are possible only on the weekdays and for weekends, make sure you arrive before 7pm because crowds will start to swarm during the later time and you might face the risk of having the pork being sold out, just like what I had experienced on my third visit with my family.

Dawn and I during my most recent visit, together with Natalie too. I can’t wait to go back there again for its pork, seafood soup, cheese fried rice and…. garlic! Hahaha because of these Korean BBQ, I’ve much develop a new love for grilled garlic.

And another tip from me is that… do not shower before the meal because you will definitely need another round of shower after the meal. It’s gonna be hot and you will also be covered up with the oil and smoke from massive BBQ in the restaurant itself. Hehe. Anyways, you can find some of the stools with storage beneath the seat to store your belongings and keep them away from the oil. Utensils are kept in the drawers too, for hygiene purposes.

You may visit their Facebook Fan Page here for more information but just make sure you do not visit it with empty stomach ;)

The Return of My VIPs <3

What: Pui Yeen and Lie Peh’s Birthday Dinner
When: 26 April 2014
Where: Rakuzen, Oasis Square

What’s better than to be having all your BFFs gathered together for celebrations! :D Ms Chiam came back to Malaysia just in time for a birthday celebration with both the April babies. We actually planned to go with 2NE1′s dressing theme but we kinda chickened out at the very last minute before we left our houses. Lol.

Anyways, we headed to Rakuzen for a sumptuous dinner while being slightly overdressed. Haha. Ordered hell lotsa food because I was hangry (hungry and angry!!!).. But before we started out munching away, we presented the birthday girls their gifts!

We got theme Pandora charms! They were so happy that we forgot to thank both Cindy and I (inside joke.. grrr).

Anyways, did you miss the three of us? Haha we’ve aged a lot but we are still as lame and sampat when we are placed together.

Tucking in!

And here’s a decent picture of the five of us before the selfie went wrong. Haha.

I totally love the night view as it was really de-lighting and peaceful. Heehe. Can’t deny my love for the bokeh stuff too <3

Ahhh I think I should be more active in blogging more for now since I’m kinda free from work for awhile now. Hehehe. So so so much back-dated posts to share with you all… Such as my Seoul trip, Lombok trip and lotsa food exploring post! Grrr. They are all over-flowing!!

Or else, follow me on my Instagram account (vvens). I’m more active there :p

#Seoulsearching; War Memorial of Korea and DMZ (Panmunjoem)

During the second day of my trip in Seoul, we visited the War Memorial of Korea and DMZ (Panmunjoem). If you asked me, I wouldn’t know much and wouldn’t thought of visiting these places but because my boyfriend is so highly interested in it, we did! And it was a very eye-opening tour.

We booked this private tour a month prior to our visit thru Seoul City Tour and paid approximately RM350 for two pax. And we were lucky enough that our tour didn’t got call off like the others due to the sensitivity of certain issues among both North and South Koreas.


And here the begins the pictory…

Before heading to the border of both Koreas, we had a yummy lunch! It taste like bakuteh except that it is a little sweeter! And the lady behind me was our lovely tour guide of the day, Laura.

Here comes Daryl’s happiest moment as we were stepping in the Joint Security Area! And making our steps to the North Korea, freely! Haha. We get to take pictures with the guards on duty but everything we do in there needs to be extra careful. It is so strict that we need to go thru a lot of procedures before getting there but it was so exciting too!

We were also observed by the North and we were not allowed to do funny gestures during then. Hahaha damn chi gik because I always like to point here and there. I had to keep my hands in my jacket to refrain myself, and getting myself into trouble. LOL

This tour took us half a day and by the time we reached back to the city, it was already 5pm. And I’ve witnessed this! Don’t know what is that but seems interesting. Then, we stopped by Myeongdong for some street snack and quick cosmetic shopping. It was only a drop-by because I kept it in the next day of my itinerary. Hehe.

We took a quick rest in the apartment later and headed out again to Dongdaemun that night. We chilled by the river and at a nearby coffee store, enjoying being part of the coffee culture and what not. Hahaha. Did some window shopping too but the stuff at the area is really pricey. I could not bring myself to buy anything there! So many pretty clothes but so expensive T___T

Psst! We made the winter look less cold but in fact, the weather was approximately -5 degree Celsius. I was actually dying from the chill during the day tour. Staying out in the windy weather at the outskirt area is not funny… but I like it! :D HAHA!

Okay, done for this post… Nami Island is next! It will be a picture-loaded post. Teehee!