#Seoulsearching; War Memorial of Korea and DMZ (Panmunjoem)

During the second day of my trip in Seoul, we visited the War Memorial of Korea and DMZ (Panmunjoem). If you asked me, I wouldn’t know much and wouldn’t thought of visiting these places but because my boyfriend is so highly interested in it, we did! And it was a very eye-opening tour.

We booked this private tour a month prior to our visit thru Seoul City Tour and paid approximately RM350 for two pax. And we were lucky enough that our tour didn’t got call off like the others due to the sensitivity of certain issues among both North and South Koreas.


And here the begins the pictory…

Before heading to the border of both Koreas, we had a yummy lunch! It taste like bakuteh except that it is a little sweeter! And the lady behind me was our lovely tour guide of the day, Laura.

Here comes Daryl’s happiest moment as we were stepping in the Joint Security Area! And making our steps to the North Korea, freely! Haha. We get to take pictures with the guards on duty but everything we do in there needs to be extra careful. It is so strict that we need to go thru a lot of procedures before getting there but it was so exciting too!

We were also observed by the North and we were not allowed to do funny gestures during then. Hahaha damn chi gik because I always like to point here and there. I had to keep my hands in my jacket to refrain myself, and getting myself into trouble. LOL

This tour took us half a day and by the time we reached back to the city, it was already 5pm. And I’ve witnessed this! Don’t know what is that but seems interesting. Then, we stopped by Myeongdong for some street snack and quick cosmetic shopping. It was only a drop-by because I kept it in the next day of my itinerary. Hehe.

We took a quick rest in the apartment later and headed out again to Dongdaemun that night. We chilled by the river and at a nearby coffee store, enjoying being part of the coffee culture and what not. Hahaha. Did some window shopping too but the stuff at the area is really pricey. I could not bring myself to buy anything there! So many pretty clothes but so expensive T___T

Psst! We made the winter look less cold but in fact, the weather was approximately -5 degree Celsius. I was actually dying from the chill during the day tour. Staying out in the windy weather at the outskirt area is not funny… but I like it! :D HAHA!

Okay, done for this post… Nami Island is next! It will be a picture-loaded post. Teehee!

#Seoulsearching; Gwangjang Market

Day one, arriving at Seoul was something really exciting for me as I’ve always dreamed to travel to the city. It was winter and my first winter after 20 years. We arrived in the evening and took 1-2 hours of transits and plenty of walking before settling down for dinner.

We headed to Gwangjang Market. And here starts my photoblog of #seoulsearching…

It was the best gimbap ever!!!!!!!!! And yeap, only one destination in each post. I’ve got DMZ up next :)

Shanghai Night 2014

Here’s a super back-dated post of my company’s annual dinner celebration, organised by yours truly. I’m guilty for not updating this blog but I’m really having insufficient time to do so anymore. I’m really envious of those who can still keep up their blog as interesting as ever.

Mine is now turning to a photoblog instead! Boo..

Anyways, here are some snap shot of the night. We’ve got a lot of pretty ladies in Cheong Sam :D I really love the purple one I bought from Double Woots blogshop. I like the puffy bottom. Hehe.

Fellow members who helped out a lot during the whole dinner preparation.

And here are my new team mates. I’m glad that everyone likes the Instagram frame I made. Haha.

And the three of us were nominated as the Employee of the Year. The winner was my smelly boy. So proud of him. But that doesnt mean Sue and/or myself did not work hard enough. Hahaha.

Besides the photo frame, I came up with a lot of photo props relating back to the theme too! That’s the all of us from the company. All looking good yeah!

Last but definitely not least, my smelly boy and I. We’ve just returned from Seoul, a long-awaited trip and I can’t wait to share the pictures here already :D Oh ummn.. I will try to make the wait shorter. Hehe.

Some Time in January

I’m sorry for not updating the blog ever since.. last year! Haha. There have been too many happenings around me and I just can’t find the right time to settle down and blog about ‘em. I blame the other social media apps such as Instagram and Dayre for splitting my blogging’s effort too. Lol. Anyways, here’s a blog post dedicated to all the same happenings during the first month of the year.

04 January 2014

My year started with great stuff! I was notified to be the lucky winner of a brand new hair makeover. I was so excited because I was desperate for a new hair cut and I’ve just won it so in time. I had new cut, curls, maximum treatment and some hair products all summing up to RM1000, courtesy of Centro Hair Salon. Can’t thank them enough for picking me as a winner! :D

Hahahaha and I thought I look better with my eyes closed that day. /Blek

Then on the same evening, I attended the first wedding dinner of the year. It was my school mate’s Phay San who got married. I am actually invited by her sister who was much closer :D We are girls from the same fun batch!

11 January 2014

This day, I attended Kyochon’s official opening ceremony as a Churpie. Kyochon chicken has finally arrived in Malaysia with the the next largest store opened in 1Utama Shopping Centre, after its branches in Seoul. We attended the event, witnessed the opening and tasted the yummy chicken. I have to say I really like the original flavoured one.

And my happiest moment is when I met Siwon there. Siwon’s statue to be exact. Hahaha. I would have met Kangin and Kyuhyun of Super Junior if I attended the earlier opening ceremony too. Ahh. What a waste :/ I could only see the autographs they left the fans on the tables in Kyochon.

As a Churpie, they filled us with not only their chickens but I was given a calendar with Super Junior in it! Woots! And also vouchers for my next visit there. So fun to be attending such events again as a part from the blogsphere but I must admit that I’m rather an expired one. All I do now is just photo-blogging and enjoying most of my time with the smelly one. Traveling together too <3

12 January 2014

Speaking of traveling, we are both very much looking forward to our winter vacation happening next month. I haven’t seen snow since I was 6! And that was like 20 years ago. ZOMG! I got so excited, even shopping for winter wear are equally excited too!

We crashed the malls a few times to shop for the winter necessities and came across The Gardens Mall super pretty CNY decor at their mall’s lobby. It was Shanghai themed! Can’t resisted to snap pictures with them.

Ginny said I’m finally looking healthy with the weight gained on my body. LOL Really? :D

Up next, I’m gonna blog about the company annual dinner organised by yours truly. It was a fun Shanghai themed dinner. Just wait for it! :D

My 2013 in a Nutshell

In 2013, not many achievements were made or nothing too significant took place but it was still a great year.

The family bonding among got better and I had great times with them throughout the year. Brother has grown up so much and mom is being very healthy, so as my lovely grandma. Had a reunion back with the BFF and celebrated our 25th birthday together after 5 years. I got promoted and bid hell lotsa farewells at work. It was a bitter-sweet year at work. And I’m proud that I’ve never lose myself. I’m still finding fun out of life.

I’ve had pretty much of luck when it comes to concerts and stuff. I’ve won so much to see the superstars naming from Lee Hom to Lin Jun Jie, then to my favourite Jay Chou and Super Junior :D :D Best moment, a photo-taking opportunity with Jay Chou. A long-waited moment since his debut.

And starting this year, I travelled a lot with my smelly boyfriend and we are of course loving it. Discovering new cultures and scenes to us are just oh-so-interesting. I’ve been to Koh Samui, Bangkok, Pangkor Island, and Bali within the year and I’m looking forward to more upcoming vacations in 2014.

What am I expecting in 2014? More fun and holidays of course. Wait, I want more salary increment too! :D :D

Trick Art Museum & Red Carpet Wax Museum @ i-City

So this was where I spent my Christmas day, i-City! Hahaha it was totally a random and impromptu plan for both me and my smelly boy to drive all the way to Shah Alam. And we made the best decision to be there as early as 11am. The people were already swarming by the time we were there. Horror!

That was when I realised i-City has grown so much. There are the new attractions such as Trick Art Museum, Red Carpet Wax Museum and also the Waterpark besides the Snow Walk. No wonder everyone was there! Even the entrance fees to these places are very much affordable. We paid only RM10 and RM30 each for Trick Art Museum and Red Carpet Wax Museum, respectively.

Hehe you may want to read about my previous post here and here because I’ve got a number of pretty pictures in the previous trips! Otherwise, scroll down to view the pictures taken at both the museums recently.

First of all, I don’t think this one below was made to be 3D-ish. Hahahahaha. But I made it.

There were more than just these graphics but there were just too many people around for all the graphics. I’m happy enough to have no photobomb pictures. Blek. We spent around 40 minutes here and moved on to the wax museum.

I have no idea what I am doing.. with the Presidents. Lol.

And frankly, I do not recognise this Chinese figure but I’m so tempted to do this pose. Someone please enlighten me, maybe?

If you didn’t know, that’s Blackie Ko in red. He was considered as the greatest automotive stunt choreographer in Asia before he passed away. And of course, that’s Andy Lau I’m chilling with.

Then to the picture above, it was just us posing before a random wall graphic but it made me realised something about Malaysians. We can be really bad-manner in photography. What I really mean is that Malaysians generally, behaves very badly when it comes to taking pictures for the other persons. Whenever I asked a favour from a stranger to help me with a photograph, they will give me the “eye” firstly. Then they will reject me. Like come on la. What do you have to lose for just pressing the shutter once! I don’t understand. And usually these people I approach are young people!!!!! I cannot believe it. They will throw me excuses like, “I don’t know how to take pictures”. Please………. I asked for your favour because I see you taking pictures around me. Brrrr. This did not happen for just once. Trust me. This is what I always encounter!

Same situation happened before when we requested a man (without knowing his nationality beforehand) to help us with the photograph and he was being very friendly. He did not only take one picture but he took a few assuring that the pictures are good. Then, we realised he was actually a Japanese. “No wonder!” I thought. Brrrrr.. And frankly, I don’t think I’ve ever turned down such simple request from the people whether in Malaysia or anywhere else. I just don’t understand the why-not thought! No doubt there are friendly and helpful Malaysians but there are just too fewwwwwww.


Anyways, back to the wax museum… Meet our very own Dato’ Lee Chong Wei! Haha.

A selfie via the reflections from the mirror walls. Hehehe. That was the end of the tour in the museum. There were lots more figures but I picked only a few to share here. Hehehe. We wanted to visit the Rainbow Forest next but… but… it is no longer the same. I think there are new projects coming up hence the changes of the pretty forest T_T Couldn’t take any romantic and colourful picture with the smelly one but only the selca below D:

Making Way to Malacca – Part 3

Here’s to the last portion of my Malacca trip. This was when we spend our time on only food and coffee. We started off the day with Nyonya kueh shopping at Baba Charlie. We were there probably too early because ondeh-ondeh wasn’t ready for sale yet T_T But we still managed to swipe most of the other kind of kueh. It feels like we were going to bring the whole house down when the 20 of us crash in the house at the same time.

Located just one street away was 486 Baba Low. We had our lunch there, filling our stomachs with yummy Nyonya laksa and pai tee.

Then, we headed to Jonker Street (again) for a last round of shopping of snacks and souvenirs. We ended up at Mods Cafe too. One of the famous landmarks in Malacca for having good coffee and great theme. They actually have a Volkswagen van in the store itself and it should be driven out for other functions too. Tho the cafe was small and it could only fit 30-35 guests at one go, the environment was really cosy and it smells real good :D

The decorations were nostalgic and the coffee wasn’t disappointing at all. And the best was their cakes!!!! I am totally in love with the tiramisu and cheesecake they serve. The taste and moisture of the tiramisu is nothing but perfect while the cheesecake taste the best when you pair it with their coffee! Ahh! I must crash the cafe again for the cakes on my next visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Print Your Own Polaroids!

Awhile ago, I was introduced to Printic. Printic is an app based in Paris that allows you to print your pictures from your phone. And these are also printed in polaroid styles. Who doesn’t like polaroid right? Even better when you can forgo the hassle of carrying a bulky polaroid camera!

Guess what? I’ve also learned this app just in time to prepare some Christmas gifts for my girls. Yes, I’ve printed polaroid pictures via my phone! It’s super easy and fun to have the photo printed. It’s not expensive too!

Here’s a video made easy for you to know more about Printic.

I’ve printed my current favourite BFF picture for the five of us and we do not need to fight over one single polaroid photo anymore! I’ve also printed some travel pictures taken with the boyfriend. Hehehe.

Printic app is available on both Apple and Android devices. And the good news is, it offers free worldwide delivery and it reaches your mailbox within 3-5 working days too, so act quick for this festive season! Make some polaroids for your love ones <3